Effectiveness of Posting to Facebook Manually vs RSS.
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Facebook InsightsDo you post to Facebook automatically using an RSS feed? Read on to see the effectiveness of posting to Facebook manually vs RSS feeds. Posting manually may take more time, but it can be much more effective.

I have to admit that I have been neglecting my Facebook Page. It has, for sure, taken a back seat to Twitter.  Imagine my surprise recently when I looked at my statistics and found that I was now getting more traffic to my website from Facebook than Twitter.  I decided right then and there that I needed to give my Facebook Page some more of my love and attention.

In general, I coach people to see where their clients spend the majority of their social marketing time and suggest they spend more of their social media efforts on those channels. And, although it is hard for small business owners to maintain an active presence on each social media channel, I do suggest that every business start and maintain a Facebook Page for their business even if it is not going to be their main channel. Having a Facebook Page is good for SEO since it provides links back to your site and you will irritate  your friends by posting your business all over your profile page.

In the past , if Facebook was not going to be someone’s primary marketing channel I recommend that they set up an automated blog feed to Facebook, using a Facebook app called RSS Graffiti. But, after taking a closer look I am not recommending automated Facebook posting any more.

Effectiveness of Posting to Facebook Manually vs RSS

After looking at my Google Analytics account and noticing that Facebook had surpassed Twitter in referrals back to my website, I took a closer look at my neglected Facebook Page and one big thing I realized was that despite my getting a good number of referrals from my Facebook Page, RSS Graffiti was not doing me any favors with the way it was displaying the blog posts on my Page.  Take a look at one of my Facebook posts done automatically from RSS Graffiti:

RSS Graffiti Adds Post to Facebook

Now look at the same post where I took all of five minutes to enter the post title, write a lead-in to the post and separately add an image.
Judi Adds Post to Facebook Manually

Much better huh? I write two posts per week so RSS Graffiti was saving me about ten minutes a week by automatically entering them onto my Facebook Page. I am betting that ten minutes I saved was not worth the potential lost interactions I got from posting that way.  Adding posts manually adding the post makes a HUGE difference in how they look  and I’ll bet I am going to get more interaction and referrals to my website from here than I have been. But let’s not just guess. I will use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and get real data about it.

Facebook Insights

Once your Facebook Page gets some traction, you can then go to Facebook Insights and can get more specific information about your “Likes”, “Reach”, “Talking About This” and “Check-In” statistics. Last week, I removed RSS Graffiti and can see in my Facebook Insights that I am getting more comments and shares already.

You get to the Insights by going to your Facebook Page and finding the gear to the right below the cover photo. Select the gear and one of the drop-down options is Insights.

When you go to Insights you can select the little drop down in the right upper corner to get a tour and find out more about what each thing means. It is interesting and helpful to know who your readers are and what they find most compelling about your site.

Facebook Insights can also help you determine your best time of day and day of the week to post as well as show you which content your visitors like best. And also like Google Analytics, you have to keep checking the updates to get a good picture of how your Page is performing.

So if you have been neglecting your Facebook Page like I was, you might want to spend a little time on generating engagement there. I know I am going to be giving my Page more attention and I will tell you how it is working out.

I’d love to hear your experience with your Facebook Page. Working or not? What do people like best?

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