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launch an online web design courseOver the past eight months or so I’ve wondered about my motivation for taking on challenges when my life is pretty good without them. I have a busy web design business, a bed and breakfast, a big family and even a new grandbaby, yet here I’ve been working countless hours, before work, after work and on weekends, to create and launch an online web design course! What’s wrong with me?

It’s true, I’m passionate about helping struggling web designers and developers get out of what I’ve begun to refer to as, the Bermuda Triangle of Web Designer’s Hell. That’s the place where the web designers know just enough to be dangerous yet can’t figure out how to get to safe waters, where they’re competent and confident, building sites that help their clients bring in business.

It must also be true that I love a challenge with a little risk involved.

After creating all of the course content, 10 modules with 5-9 lessons each with a video, transcript, assignment and a quiz, the New Tricks Team went into what’s called Launch Mode.

To kick off Early Bird registration, I did a three-webinar series called, Web Designer’s Secrets Revealed which finished Monday night. At the end of each webinar I introduced the WP Web Designer’s Mastery Course and how it’s the only thing out there teaches web designers and developers what they need to know across seven core competency areas to become real pros.

In addition to the webinars, there were ads for the webinars, both the art and the copy. There were registration pages for the webinars as well as a registration sales page for the course itself. There were webinar reminder emails and watch the replay emails.

And now, the cart is actually open for people to register and it closes on October 30th. Thankfully, the emails nudging people to register this week have all been written and scheduled to go out.

Are you exhausted listening to all of that? I know I am. I also know that I couldn’t have done all of that without my team. We’ve all been pulling together for the past year to get to this point. It’s been hard, but I am proud that we actually pulled this off. I feel like we’ve crossed the finish line with flying colors.

As far as my penchant for taking on challenges. There’s something in there that spices it up when there are risks involved. Looking back over my life I’ve taken on a number of big projects.  And, there’s something about the not knowing how a project’s going to play out that makes them both horrifying and wonderful and I guess a little addicting.

I’m looking forward to spending a week with my daughter’s family and getting time with the baby over Thanksgiving. I could have been knitting booties – if I knew how to knit booties.  Or, I could’ve been spending time in the garden. And I hope to do that. But, right now I’m  grateful to be here today, close to the end of the challenging process of a course launch, proud and exhausted.

If you’d like a taste of the work, here is a link to the webinar replay page. Enjoy!



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  • Leanne Fournier

    “Proud and exhausted.” Thank you so much for giving me the words to describe the journey or perhaps the reason for taking on such challenges—which like you, I do over and over again. Exactly how I’m feeling having launched my first book, sold our urban home, and relocated to our place in the wilds of N.W. Ontario (in a different province) all in the past month! Our hard work pays off because we approach it with passion, compassion, and with generosity in sharing the many lessons we’ve learned along the way. Best of luck!

    • Judi Knight

      Thanks so much Leanne. I’ve been reading about your book and your move. Best of luck to you as well!

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