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Put your ass on the line.This week one of my clients came to my office to work on her email newsletter. She had gone through a rough 6 months and hadn’t sent anything out to her list in a long time. She was not feeling very confident about writing her newsletter, formatting it, nor sending it out, but she wanted to let people know about a workshop that she was going to be doing. When she finished it, which was not as bad as she had feared, she was even hesitant to push send.

Later that evening she forwarded an email she got from someone on her list. It went like this:

“I love your newsletters! Thank you so much for your comments regarding embracing change. I can totally relate. I would like to start teaching again but fear has the best of me. Fearing that I won’t be good enough, not able to speak the language as well as you do and the list goes on. I only wish I had the confidence that you do, so I am encouraged every time I see you with a new workshop, etc. Sorry I will miss your workshop, but I do read all of your emails that I receive.”


It is foolish to compare our insides to someone else’s outsides. [Tweet “Suck it up and put yourself out there despite feelings of fear and unworthiness.”]

We all have those feelings, but they are only feelings. When we go ahead and put our ass on the line to do the things we know we should do, even though we are afraid, each time we get a little more confident about doing a little more. Great things happen in this way.

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