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Life is like the game of Monopoly.One minute you’re training for a triathlon and the next you are having a hip replaced. My husband and I were planning to go to Pensacola Beach where he was going to do the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon. My mother was the founder and the race director of that triathlon for fifteen years and, although she retired from it a couple of years ago at age 75, our family likes to gather at the beach each year to do the race or cheer on others. Duane got bit by the race bug, worked it to win, and he usually won his age group. This year he won’t be racing. He had a fall from his bike and landed hip down, hard on the asphalt. As I write this, he is in surgery getting a new state of the art hip.

I think life is a lot like playing a game of Monopoly, where you pull a card of Chance from the deck every so often. One time, you pull a speeding ticket, another time a big tax refund. This time Duane drew a bad card. We never know what is in store for us and, in our day to day life, we can get pretty complacent. I was in the elevator, talking to a women that works at the Shepard Spinal Center, and everyday she sees people who have drawn a devastating card resulting in spinal and head injuries.

We are not at the beach, but as these things go, it could have been a lot worse. Now Duane and my eighty year old mother are both re-evaluating their relationships with racing bikes.

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    Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear Duane had a meeting with the road, and of all the new things one could get – well, I bet a hip is not on the top 10 for any of us, though I suppose I would also be glad to get one if mine had met a similar fate. Will be thinking of you both as he's on the mend.

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