Reduce Blog Bounce Rates with Internal Hyperlinks
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reduce blog Bounce Rates

Reduce Blog Bounce Rates

We should have a goal to reduce blog bounce rates and get people to stick around and visit other pages and posts on our sites. We want them to read more of what we have to offer and come back regularly.  Hopefully, our visitors will  find our information so compelling they will sign up for our newsletters or buy our goodies.

We can use Google Analytics to track Bounce Rate and another important variable, Visit Duration. Bounce Rate is the percentage of people going to only one page, or post, of your site before leaving. Visit Duration is how long they stay on the site. Often we think of having a high Bounce Rate as bad since it could mean that someone landed on our site, took one look, said, “Yikes!”,  and left.  But, it could also be that they Googled an issue they were having, clicked on one of our search results, went right to what they were looking for, stayed and read the post, got the information they were looking for and left the site to get on with their business. These are two very different scenarios.  Looking at Bounce Rate along with visit duration can help determine which group you fall into. You can safely assume you are not in the first category if people are staying on your site the length of time it takes to read and absorb one of your pages or posts. Blogs, by their nature, tend to have higher average Bounce Rates.

Google Analytics Benchmark Averages for Bounce Rate

  • 40-60% Content websites
  • 30-50% Lead generation sites
  • 70-98% Blogs
  • 20-40% Retail sites
  • 10-30% Service sites
  • 70-90% Landing pages

It makes sense that blogs will have higher average Bounce Rates than for example, e-commerce sites.  When people are shopping, they will visit and then click around to find the product they are looking for. Although it may be soothing to know that a higher Bounce Rate of say 70% and above is not unusual for a blog, we can start to improve this fate and reduce blog Bounce Rates with one simple habit- internal hyperlinks.

If you include relevant internal links to other posts on your site, your readers will be inclined to follow the link and read the other articles you direct them to. In addition to reducing your Bounce Rates, these internal links are also good for SEO.

There are specific guidelines for how to write optimized WordPress posts. Google suggests that in a post of 300-500 words, you provide a hyperlink every 120 words. I suggest in order to reduce blog Bounce Rates and keep your readers on your site, that you provide a couple of internal links to relevant posts on your own site and then provide a reference to one respected external link on the subject.

WordPress Internal Hyperlink


WordPress makes it easy to do this. Find a concept in your current post that you have written about before. Highlight the relevant text and select the edit icon with the chain link on it which will give you the hyperlink pop-up window. You can then search for the url to the relevant post or page you have written before and WordPress will provide the link for you.

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    I think this article help me to reduce my bounce rate and in how to do better hyperlink my blog pages.
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    Another great blog post Judi, I am really loving what you do here. I had a thought about what you do, and would it not be a great idea to do a fancy glossary of all these terms, with good explinations for noobs like myself? Stuff like bounce rate was new to me, as was the density of keywords within a post such as what you have done. I don't use WP for my Wedding Band Blog but obviously the same rules apply!

    Seriously, if you do that sort of blog, really explain the terms pro's take for granted, then I know you would help out a lot of people.

    Really really impressed with this, have managed to get more info off here than any other SEO or web design based blog. You are clearly pitching to my level!

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