Replacement Text: Lorem and a variety of other Ipsums

Often when a designer is creating a website, sales page, brochure or other marketing collateral, they need to insert temporary content while waiting for the final text. This temporary replacment text helps the client see the type and amount of text needed for the various areas in the design.

You might hear people refer to this boilerplate as dummy text, mock text or filler text and typically they are using something called Lorem ipsum for this purpose.

Even if you are not in the design field, you’ve most likely seen Lorum ipsum on a website or two since sometimes people publish their websites without noticing that they still have areas where they did not replace the Lorem Ipsum with their own words.

You may wonder where this widely used text comes from. Lorum ipsum is actually a slightly garbled version of passages from a Latin classic by Cicero, “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” ( the Extremes of Good and Evil). The surprising thing is that it has been the standard for placeholder text since the 1950’s.

lorem ipsum

You can download the number of paragraphs of Lorum Imsum you need using a text generator program. But maybe it’s time to check out more updated replacement copy.

Perhaps you may want to try Cat Ipsum. Check it out:

Cat Ipsum

Cat Ipsum

Purr. Sleep on keyboard instantly break out into full speed gallop across the house for no reason all of a sudden cat goes crazy eat all the power cords or scratch at the door then walk away. Intently stare at the same spot have my breakfast spaghetti yarn, need to chase tail run in circles leave dead animals as gifts catch mouse and gave it as a present cat slap dog in face. Pelt around the house and up and down stairs chasing phantoms. Lick butt and make a weird face burrow under covers. Howl uncontrollably for no reason play riveting piece on synthesizer keyboard but pee in human’s bed until he cleans the litter box or playing with balls of wool, so thug cat lies down.

Or for the hipsters in the crowd, Hipster ipsum creates artisanal filler for your pages. 

Hipster Ipsum 

Hipster Ipsum

Butcher tacos you probably haven’t heard of them, cupidatat put a bird on it officia deep v cardigan vaporware humblebrag duis la croix exercitation meggings assumenda. Sint kickstarter fanny pack, hot chicken deserunt gochujang hella selvage iceland ad mumblecore yuccie poutine. Lomo wolf pok pok fashion axe biodiesel, labore keytar banh mi. Selvage bespoke cornhole, woke yuccie marfa art party etsy. Proident lyft stumptown +1 tote bag, literally nesciunt kogi fingerstache.

Pirates, you have not been left out. Get Yar Pirate ipsum here.

pirate ipsum

Yar Pirate Ipsum

Corsair scuppers gaff mutiny skysail rutters brig swing the lead fore Nelsons folly. Cog Arr blow the man down long clothes chase guns pressgang me crimp weigh anchor skysail. Me aft fire in the hole bounty lateen sail Buccaneer grog blossom gibbet scallywag fire ship.

Run a rig dead men tell no tales Sea Legs heave to nipperkin jury mast hearties keel doubloon log. Scurvy Privateer bilge water ye hardtack plunder coffer hang the jib bowsprit galleon. Clipper piracy chandler wench quarterdeck poop deck matey hogshead driver main sheet.

Heave to Sea Legs pressgang scuppers wench bounty grapple jury mast clap of thunder coxswain. Bowsprit case shot dead men tell no tales mizzenmast bucko hardtack topgallant brig black spot line. Lugger overhaul handsomely lookout Arr draft jack belaying pin wench Pieces of Eight.

Enjoy yourself with these fun replacement text generators but please remember to use your own words before or printing your brochure or publishing your site.

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