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This tip is so important to your sanity since it makes life so much easier when you can find the passwords to your accounts! To spare yourself from being overwhelmed with technology, I am declaring this week each May to be the official week for you to gain your password sanity.

Make sure you have all of your passwords written down on one spreadsheet that you update each time you get a new account for something or make any changes to existing ones. Each and every time you sign up for something write down the account, the user name and the password.

We have created a password spreadsheet for you to download and save to your computer (by the way don’t name it “Passwords”). You can even password protect the spreadsheet (but you’d have to remember that). No more frustration while trying this, that and the other possible combinations to get onto a site. Do it and you will thank us. I promise. Download a Zip file for a PDF version, as well as the original Excel spreadsheet.

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  • @mattlambert

    Hi Judi – I was looking for info on the Flinch book and found your site. You seem to be interested in all the same things I'm interested in. As a small agency we are consumed with WordPress, marketing – and passwords. Could I possibly recommend LastPass to you

    I installed it, and instantly took 350 passwords out of all my browsers (stored in free text) and encrypted them. It then made them available across all my machines, extremely securely. I share them (customer passwords too) with my team without them actually knowing the actual password – meaning they can be revoked. It is superb, and free, and might change your life – it knows where you are and offers a single click login to almost everything (banks excluded).
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    • judi knight

      Matt thanks for the info. I have heard that was a great program for safe, handy, password storage.

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