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Project Highlights: Santa Rosa Island Triathlon had a static website that they could not update themselves. This race, now in its 14th year has a huge following and race community. The race directors wanted to be able to communicate with them, letting them know about training events and sharing personal stories of triathletes who have competed in this event. It is a fun festive event held at Pensacola Beach Florida, yet their previous website was old school and not reflective of the amount of  enthusiasm of the event and their community. The New Tricks team developed an entire new logo for the race…combing iconic images of Pensacola Beach.  Then we downloaded the content from their previous site and rewrote and reorganized the existing text and information. We also looked at what other content was now possible with a database type site and helped them to create posts in new categories. They did not have many usable photos so we put out a call to their race community and received some fantastic action shots, a few of which made it into the new header. The font for the header was chosen to give an island feel and we were right on the money with the new colorful design.

An important component of the new site was that it be easy to navigate. Another big factor was that it be easy to update as sponsors change or new information is needed to be quickly disseminated. We also got the race onto Twitter and Flickr making it easy to post up to the minute news and makes it easy to add slide shows for each of the years of the race. As soon as it went live the website started getting three to six hundred hits a day. They expect about eight hundred participants on October 3, 2009.

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