My Secret for Getting Things Done
 In General

secretsThis spring started off with WordCamp Atlanta in mid-March, and has remained busy ever since. I opened the event and introduced the keynote speaker at WordCamp, and the next day did a presentation titled, “Understanding WordPress Files: WordPress Under the Hood, Getting Acquainted with WordPress Files”.

Unfortunately, the Internet was not working correctly for that presentation, so afterwards, I went home and recorded myself doing the talk again with my slides, and then posted it on my website.

In April, I spoke at the National Association of Women Business Owners on Content Marketing, which is one of my favorite topics. This week, I went to the Chicago Social Media Summit to speak on How to get the Most from you WordPress Site.

In May, I am co-leading a Taming Technology session on Email Marketing. At the end of the month, I was also invited to do the keynote for WordCamp Asheville.

Whew, it makes me tired just to write all of that.  But what I know is that doing these events makes me step up to the plate and work on presentations that I would never do if I wasn’t held accountable to get them done.

By agreeing to do these talks, it­ makes each talk an “assigned author” for me to do some research and prepare an in depth presentation that I would not have otherwise gotten around to doing.  More specifically, I am using something I have agreed to do as a motivating force with a deadline that gets me to do something else beneficial for myself.

Could I have created these presentations and the posts that went with them without an “assigned author”?  Yes, of course. But would I? Probably not. For some things, resistance is just too strong without imposed deadlines, even if they started off self-imposed.

This little technique comes in handy for more than just work related activities. This past weekend, we put on an engagement party for a friend of mine’s son and his fiancé. This was another example of using an “assigned author.” In this case I used this as a reason to get the house and garden all spiffed up for the spring.

Then while I was on a roll, and knowing that there are a lot of major projects that need to get done around my Bed and Breakfast, I just volunteered to have our place on the Inman Park Tour of Homes next year in April.

So now that I have shared with you one of the secrets to my productivity, can you think of “assigned author” to use to get some of your projects completed?

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  • Rebekah O'Neal

    Love, love, love this idea to boost productivity! I believed my next “assigned author” will be agreeing to a contract for researching and ghostwriting a book on incorporating essential oils into health care management of chronic diseases. This will not only allow me to meet some work responsibilities, but it will also allow me to learn more on the subject in order to help my mother manage her complicated health needs at the same time. Great idea!

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