Secret Sauce: Cook Up a Website That Works
 In WordPress

Woman cooking up a storm!Some people like to bake and others are better cooks. I have to say I avoid baking because it is so precise. Forget the one pinch of salt and everything falls flat and you can’t fix it.

Good cooks are not afraid to experiment with adding their own magic to make their dish really great.

Cooking up a good website has similarities.  A lot of people have websites that have most of the right ingredients but are not going to be winning the chili cookoff. They find that they are not getting new business from their sites but are not sure what’s wrong.

It may actually be just a few things that can be tweaked that can make a site go from ho hum to delicious.

This week I heard from two different solopreneurs who had similar issues with their newly completed WordPress websites not being quite right.

I am looking forward to helping them find their special sauce which will give their sites that perfect pizazz. I am sharing some of my secrets with you below.

10 Tips to a Website that Works:

Lets look at the ingredients you can add to your WordPress website to make it so delicious that the right people want to come back for more and follow you anywhere.

1. The front page must capture the visitor’s attention. Be sure to use color, design and images to draw your visitor in.

2. Don’t spend so much time making your site pretty that you don’t have the needed content. I have seen people have their calls to action so designed that they totally blended into the site and got lost.

3. You must know who your clients are, and what their issues are. This must be clear in every aspect of your site.

4. Brand yourself. If you are a solopreneur don’t try and act like a bigger company. Put your photo on your website and write in a way that people have a chance to really know you and what you do and how you do it. This allows them to develop trust in that they know who you are what they can expect from you. This has to take place way before anyone will be ready to pick up the phone to work with you.

5. Take a look at your website. If your site could also be applicable to other people in your industry then ask yourself why would someone want to work with you? You must give them a reason for it to be you they want.

6. If you want people to read what you write, add images to your posts, make the content readable with a large enough font (14) and don’t put your text on a dark background.  Make the headlines a large font (23- 26), and on the blog page have at least a couple of paragraphs before the read more so that your reader gets engaged enough to read more.

7. If you really want people to read your posts, put them on your front page. You can still have the area above the fold have your company info,  either using a sticky post or a template that formats the home page that way.

8. Tell people how to work with you. Make it really clear. Give them graduated methods engaging your services so that there is a way to try you out.

9. Add an opt-in box and work to get people to sign up for a mailing list where you actually send them something on a regular basis.

10. Have some friends go over your site and ask them if they needed your services, what would they think about your site and what they would want to see to help them make a decision to hire you. I am also available to do a Talk it Out Session, which is a website evaluation where I give you recommendations.

Do you have any more ideas for cooking up a website that works? We would love to hear from you.


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  • @clickhost

    Hi Judi, I love how you can always distill subjects to easy to understand how-tos. Great list. I would add a simple but VERY important point. If you are a business or a consultant then your phone number should be listed above the fold and be clickable for smart phones.

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