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Segmenting Your Audience With A Quiz

Over the past seven years of sending out the Just a Digital Minute, I have built up my mailing list to about 3,000 people. Last year, I surveyed this group to find out just who was out there and what did they get from my weekly words of wisdom. The survey told me that you, my readers, are a varied group, generally made up of three main segments.

  1. Business owners who want to grow their businesses using an effective website and digital marketing.
  2. Designers and developers who are always looking for the latest information about WordPress websites, for themselves and their clients.
  3. Friends and Family who for some reason find what I write interesting.

Now, if you’re familiar with the term segment, you know that no matter how small your industry or your niche is, you will have different types of customers.

If you know which bucket a person on your list falls into, what are their specific interests, where they are in their developmental journey, and what they would find extremely helpful, you can send information that is optimized to give them exactly what they need. By segmenting your audience, you could include targeted emails or even products that you create to help them with something that has them stuck.

For example, in my business, I realized there were a lot of people struggling to become professional web designers or developers who needed to be able to price, close, create and deliver effective WordPress websites for their clients. When I realized that there was not a place to learn this information quickly and easily, it led me to create the WordPress Web Design Mastery Course, since I knew I could provide this group with a foundation in the seven core competency areas they needed to become competent and confident professionals.

In order to determine who in our designer and developer bucket needed and wanted this help, we decided to create a quiz that a designer or developer could take to find out where they fell on the Web Designer/Developer’s Journey to Pro.

The results would let us send web design tutorials only to those who would benefit from them and create a deeper level of trust and connection with this group so that then the course launches again they might be ready to sign up.

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How About Your Business?

When you think about your own business, can you think of the various segments? What do you have different types of customers in your business? Can you see how if you were to communicate with them differently depending on who they are and what they need you could get a better result?

Start by taking some time to describe the different buckets your list can be segmented into. Then write down everything you know about each of these groups, including where they are developmentally in that group. Then, think about what content each of these groups really needs from you so you can personalize the messages you send out to them through your email system.

Taking this step to understand the various groups you are reaching and what they need, will have a huge impact on your business.  Your readers will feel that you know them and know exactly what they need which leads to product sales and enduring fans.

What are you waiting for?

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