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Dene and I just spoke to a woman recently who is a fantastic public speaker and coach who does talks about getting people out to do good old face to face marketing.We started New Tricks to help people learn and implement the new tricks of marketing with on-line presence. It has been an interesting journey. There are those who believe it will do everything and won’t go out and talk to people the old fashion way ( which you can’t do without) and there are those (even in the ad, design, campaign industries) who are clinging to old tried and true ways that are totally insufficient to compete in today’s market.

I found this article by by Nettie Hartsock this morning. Nettie is a WordPress developer, marketing guru that has lots of other great articles. So check her out.

1. Your reticence to join the on-line conversation.

2. Your scarcity-based fear that if you contribute to the conversation, something bigger and better will steal it away.

3. The real need for you to occasionally put one foot in front of the other, and step outside in the real world to see how utterly amazing and unique people can be.

4. Your insecurity about whether or not your thoughts matter. (Tip: They do.)

5. Your fears of being too old to learn new tricks and too old to keep up with the young folks. (Tip: You’re never too old to learn new things and the young folks will make the world a better place the more they learn how to use social media for good. And there is a place for everyone on the Web – check out sites like or BoomerCafe – you’ll find your crowd too.)

6. Your need for instant gratification. (It’s a marathon on the Web 2.0 track, not a sprint.)

7. Your insomnia unless you find fellow insomniacs on Twitter (which make the sleepless nights go by faster.)

The world is changing and we need to keep up with the new technologies but lets remember to add them on rather than avoid them or forget about the tried and true method of being out and about in the real world. The combination of these methodologies is the the way to go. And as we say here at New Tricks,

It’s never too late.

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