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I just got back from a conference last week where we were to “speak from the stage” about a truth about our business. My statement of truth was, “I help entrepreneurs and small businesses uncover their brilliance and bring it to the world”. I call myself a WordPress web designer and I know how to help my clients with the social media to get their message out. But with my background as a clinical psychologist and my hard earned business expertise from owning and ultimately selling a software start-up, I bring a lot more to my clients than most web designers do. I do this with the tools of coaching, web design and marketing and it is difficult for me to see people who are passionate about what they do, but fail to powerfully connect with the people seeking their services.

I recently had two experiences that I’d like to share with you. The first, a client I am working with also has a project that he needed a graphic designer for. He asked me to recommend someone with a particular expertise and he reported that he was having a hard time finding someone that was not booked up for a month out. Although I know graphic designers, the ones that I work with are very busy and the other ones I know, I am not familiar enough with their work and specialties to feel confident about making a recommendation to them.

Now why is it that I am not familiar with what these friends and acquaintances do? Or that my client can’t find a good graphic designer? For one thing, many of their websites do not showcase their talents, nor do they reflect their work in a compelling way that makes it easy for people to know what they do and how to work with them. Once you have a good website, you then need to know what to do with it.

One graphic designer that I know recently changed her site to a WordPress site. That is a great start. She was telling me that she now needs some SEO (search engine optimization) so people can find her site. She is right, she does need people to find her site. But there is more than SEO needed to make that magic happen. Nowadays, to have SEO and to come up in searches, you must add frequent content to your site. Not just any content, but good content where you discuss subjects (keywords) that your niche (and yes it is important to have a niche) is interested in. You need to develop relationships on social media sites and share your content and ideas with people. And you need to find groups of people online and in real life that may need your expertise and lead them back to your website, where they will find everything they need to know about working with you, which then converts them into a loyal client.

I am passionate about helping people discover this process and get their businesses rocking. What are you passionate about? Is your current website working for you to help bring in the right type of visitors and convert them into business? I find it is an ongoing process so I am always tweaking my message on my site. What is the next step for you?

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  • Modi Shailendra

    i'm new in my business,, i want to grow my business. so please send me the new tricks.

    • Judi

      Modi, I hope you signed up for my free newsletter, Just a Digital Minute where I send you tips each week. If not I invite you to do so. I am available for a Talk it Out consulting session. And I am in the process of creating a membership site where my methods for growing your business are clearly and sequentially spelled out for you to take actionable steps. Stay tuned and glad to meet you. Tell me more about your business.

    • Judi

      Modi, did you sign up for my newsletter? That way you will get a New Trick every Wednesday morning:-)

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