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MearleyATLinstagramExample2If you have a smartphone, chances are, you’ve taken some pictures with that fancy built-in camera. But what do you end up doing with those pictures? Do they sit idly on your phone collecting digital dust? You can share your mobile pictures with the world with Instagram or Flickr. Or, if you don’t want to share your pictures, you can transfer them to a private Flickr account for safe keeping.

What is Instagram?

instagramInstagram is a photo-centric social media service that has been getting a lot of buzz the last couple of years. Instagram is available as an app on most major smartphones, and allows users  to easily upload pictures to the internet straight from their mobile device. Users can then connect their Instagram accounts to their friend’s account and like/comment on each other’s pictures.

One of the major successes of Instagram was their implementation of different photo filters that often make seemingly mediocre pictures into works of art. One of the major pitfalls of Instagram is that the images are automatically downsized to a lower resolution, and therefore a lot of the picture quality is lost. The low-res pictures look fine when they are small, as they are displayed on Instagram, but if you ever want to enlarge your beautiful Instagrams, you’ll be let down when the image quickly becomes a pixelated mess. Though Instagram used to be only mobile-app based, they recently released browser-friendly accounts that display your picture quite nicely–as seen here.

What is Flickr?

flickrFlickr is an image hosting website that allows users to upload high-resolution photos to the internet and on to their accounts. It is, in a way, very similar to Instagram, though the social media aspect of it is downplayed and they don’t re-sample your images to a lower quality. For anyone who is concerned about keeping their images resolution, I would recommend Flickr over Instagram.

Instagram’s major advantage over Flickr was their effortless vintage filters–not any more. Several days ago, in response to Instagram’s competition, Flickr added filters of their own.

WordPress and Photo Sharing

There are many plugins for easily posting Flickr images to your WordPress Website but there is just one for Instagram. It is called Instagrate and their premium version
is the one to get. We wrote a post about it.



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  • Rebecca D. Nelson

    I would recommend Picasa if you have Google+. As for instagram of flickr, I prefer instagram due to it being more popular and it does not restrict you with number of uploads overall. Flickr has limited photos for non-paying users.

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