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simple sales funnel
Once you have a great looking website with words and images designed to appeal specifically to your target client and show them you understand their issues and have the solution, you will need to attract your right visitors to your site and a simple sales funnel to continue to market to them.

You can attract these target visitors through a variety of methods depending on your market, such as writing thought leadership content for your site, sending that content out to your list through email marketing, optimizing your web content for keyword phrases to be more likely to come up for those phrases in a Google search, posting social media updates and engaging with others on those sites and in person.

These activities will work to increase traffic to your site made up in part of people who may be interested but are not yet ready to work with you or fill out a contact form. In most cases, they will go to the site, take a look around, like what they see, read what they came for and leave. They may even intend to come back later, but unfortunately, they will most likely not remember to do that or how to find you again.

To overcome that dilemma you need to create a simple sales funnel to continue to interact with those interested online visitors so they can get to know you and remember you when it is time to buy.  While you have their attention, offer to email them some valuable piece of information about their problem area.  Once you have their email and permission to email them,  you can strategically drip out more information, designed to solidify that positive first connection and build on the relationship. Once they are comfortable enough with you and ready to buy your service or product you will be the obvious choice to provide it.

Here are the steps to build a simple sales funnel:

  1. Know exactly who your target client is for your product, service or program.
  1. Design a piece of cornerstone copy (ebook, video, resource list) of something they really want/need that is exactly aligned with what your product or service is.
  1. Create compelling opt-in opportunities on your website, (also on social media, Facebook ads, your email signature). Let people know about your valuable free offer and a way to sign up to receive it by email. This will give your ideal client an opportunity to sign up to receive the information they needed.  This opt-in will place them on a specific targeted mailing list of people who are very interested in the type of program or services you offer but did not know you or were not ready to buy yet.
  2. Write a series of 8 emails targeted with information that will help someone get to know like and trust you and what you offer. These emails will be scheduled to be sent out automatically over the next few weeks to each person who signed up through your opt-in offer. These leads are now in your sales funnel and you have an opportunity to correspond with them building a relationship with them.

Drip out the information they need to know, over a period of time, in a series of autoresponder emails, in order to build know, like and trust and see you as an expert that can provide the solution to their problem/issue/need.

What information do you usually provide people when they call or are referred to you that has them ready to buy or work with you? This is the type of information you create to be sent out in these autoresponder emails.

      • Introduce yourself and your company.
      • Invite them to introduce themselves and tell you more about their issues.
      • Create content that positions you as an expert in your field. Include case studies on specific issues that they might have and how you have dealt with them in the past. etc. This information can be added to your site as posts later, but in this case, you are dripping them out to your fresh leads, when they are first interested in you and your business offering. This drip campaign gives you multiple touch-points on the road to them trusting you and starting to really want what you offer.
      • Give them next steps such as an invitation to sign up for a short paid consultation, webinar or other way make contact with you or, you can have them go straight to a sales landing page  about your service, offering with a way for them to sign up to purchase it.

It may sound like a lot of work, but you don’t want to let your ideal clients slip away. Since you have a website, you may as well put it to work attracting and nurturing those website visitors who may actually be interested in doing business with you.

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