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Jenny Munn

Jenny Munn

Last week my friend Jenny Munn came over to New Tricks World Headquarters for a visit. We talked about my SEO, our businesses, and life in general. She also told me about her new SEO training program. Instead of doing all of the SEO client work herself, she now has a 6 month training program for small companies to learn to do it themselves. This is a great idea since nowadays SEO is all about fresh, optimized content.  It’s really important for small business owners to understand and be in charge of their SEO strategies as opposed to outsourcing it, especially when they don’t know what’s involved. Knowledge is power in this arena best to be prepared and aware.

Once a company knows which keyword phrases they want to rank for, they can write new or rewrite old content that is geared to one particular keyword phrase. It really isn’t all that hard to rank for them if you are not in an extremely competitive market.

The thing about doing an SEO coaching series is that Jenny can take more clients than she could if she were doing all the work herself. Training clients how to do SEO for themselves is more effective because they have more understanding of the theory and practice of the techniques and programs she uses.

When you are looking to make a change in your business model, which we all have to do as we grow our businesses, you have to say no to the old way of doing things, including turning down some of the old business while you get your ducks in a row and market your new model. This takes guts and consistency.

Even if your business is not in the market yet for her six month SEO coaching, go ahead and follow Jenny. When you sign up for her mailing list,  you will get her keyword guide and while you are there you might as well spring for her eBook.

After you sign up,  look for the series of auto-responder emails she sends out. I love smart business people. Watch what Jenny is doing with her business and see how you can incorporate some of these ideas into yours.

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  • @jennymunn

    Wow – thank you so much for the support and write up, Judi. I'm very honored.

    In my experience, small businesses are positioned incredibly well for SEO success because they often don't have a lot of competition. These businesses are the ones who could benefit from SEO the most, but can't afford to outsource to an agency. They're busy "running the business" and just don't have time to learn and understand SEO. However, if they're already blogging, doing social media, and have an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website then with just a few more tweaks on the SEO side they could be getting so much more traffic, leads, sales and clients.

    Anyway – off my soabox! Thank you again for the wonderful mention and support, Judi!
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  • Mickey Mellen

    Jenny certainly has some amazing insights. I talked with her a bit today, not even specifically about my business, and she dropped a few nuggets of wisdom that were brilliant!

    Getting her involved with your company, on any level, is a great move.
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    • judi knight

      Hi Micky! And I have heard you are pretty great too. I’d like to spend some time getting to know you better.

  • John

    Yeah, I have listen about seo training program. It's most effective thing for website promotion.

  • Rentals

    SEO coaching is really very good suggestion. I like your post.

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