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Sometimes people don’t get started with a Social Media plan for their businesses because it seems so overwhelming. I found this Infographic that breaks down some specific steps you can take to develop an online presence for your business.

Please don’t get overwhelmed by this Social Media Checklist.  You do not have to do all of these things now or at all if they are not relevant to your business. The point is make a plan and follow it. Trust me, some of you could spend a little less time on your personal Facebook sharing to do a few things that could really help your business grow.


WBG Social Media Checklist 2016

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Here is an example of a very basic starter Social Media Plan

Keep Up to Date: For 30 minutes per day, use your favorite methods- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterst or Blogs you follow, to find interesting information relevant to your business. Keep track of your articles using apps such as Evernote or BufferApp so you can find them again to use for research for your posts and to share it with your followers. The content you find can help you craft blog posts and that same information can be reformatted to be used in many ways such as creating videos or social media updates.

Blog Posts: Writing blog posts is one of the most crucial parts of a successful social media plan. Write at least one blog post per week for your your website. Write posts on topics that your target audience is looking for.  Use relevant keyword phrases in the title and content of your posts. Share these posts on Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Google +.

Email Newsletter: Send out your blog post each week or every two weeks, in an email to your list using MailChimp.

Create Sales Funnels: Being invited into someones inbox is one of the most important marketing tools you have since you then have an opportunity to nurture your leads so do whatever you can to grow your list.The most important way is to provide an opt-in offer to get people to sign up for your list. You know people who signed up to a particular list are interested in that subject so you can create a series of autoresponder emails to keep them engaged until a certain percentage are ready to work with you.

Facebook Page: Update your page status daily with what is going on. You can ask questions of your community or answer them. Add one or two interesting posts to your Facebook Page each week. Tag people and pages in your posts.

Twitter: Each day send at least 3 new Tweets daily that are business related, promotional, fun or interesting, or about your blog posts or events. Retweet 2 interesting tweets a day. Thank people for retweeting your posts by retweeting theirs. Respond to people who mention or direct mention you. Follow new people each week using Manage Flitter to find them.

LinkedIn: Keep your company profile up to date with new information. You can have your blog posts and Slideshare decks posts automatically to your LinkedIn account or you can post relevant blog posts directly on LinkedIn. Be sure to comment on groups that you belong to. Ask for recommendations and give one recommendation per week.

Instagram: Make a site for your business and share images related to your work or company culture. You can set up your account to automatically post your Instagram images to Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to use Hashtags quite liberally for people to find your account.

Pinterest: Each month post product images or work examples as pins leading back to your website. Each month follow other relevant and interesting pin boards or users related to your field. Always use keywords in your pin descriptions and board titles as they have huge ability to come up in searches. Add new boards and pins as needed.

YouTube: Add videos to your social media plan. Each month subscribe to several new channels relevant to your industry. Find relevant, interesting or fun videos that you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Learn to create your own video tutorials, upload them to YouTube, add them to your blog and share them on Social Media channels.


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