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lady with a micHow to Make My Existing Websites Mobile Friendly?  If the site is not built with WordPress and doesn’t look good on a mobile device, now may be the time to port it over to a Responsive WordPress Theme that automatically adapts the site presentation for each display size. StudioPress and Woo Themes have a growing number of responsive themes to choose from. For an existing WordPress site not built using a responsive theme, there are some plugins such as WP Touch, that will present your site content into format that shows the posts. I prefer seeing the whole site rather than just the posts, and many of the existing themes look and work fine on iPhones and iPads.

I got laid off last year so I am working in someone else’s production company and helping them grow their business rather than grow my own. I want to start my own business but I don’t have start-up money since the Mac I want is $4,000.  Sorry you were laid off and I am glad you found employment in your field. However, I encourage you to go ahead and start working on your own business in your free time. Get everything prepared: your branding, your website, your social media accounts and then get any computer that can do the job. Put on your powers of positive thinking and attraction. You will be able to find a computer that you can use for less than $4,000. You have to start with gratitude for where you are and start the ball rolling by doing the things I suggested. Put your desires out there and get a piece of paid business and then keep it rolling. The small things will cheer you up and motivate you until you feel you can make it on your own. You will be amazed!

Thanks for the post on Head shots. I have a friend whose 12 year old daughter recently appeared on The Rachel Ray Show for a cooking demo. I thought the article on head shots might be useful for her mom, since this *kid* is clearly going places! This would be a great time for your friend to help her daughter put up a website to post her own episodes of her cooking classes. What an opportunity. I can imagine this would be a big hit.

I have been using the WordPress Database Backup plugin but recently it just stopped working. I do manually backup the entire site with my cPanel every few days and ftp it to my local drive but that is a hassle. I would rather have an automated process. I was thinking about purchasing BackupBuddy and the question I have is where to send and keep the backups? As you know the WP database backup only backs up your content not your WordPress Theme files. So that is why you are backing those up by hand. But that is cumbersome and, thankfully, unnecessary. I use Backup Buddy to back up the sites, and I have it set to send the backups to my Amazon S3 account. An Amazon S3 account is free for the first year! And after that it is still very inexpensive. Backup Buddy also makes it really easy to move to another web host. Many times I build a site on my test server and then use Backup Buddy to move it to the client’s server.  I also recommend in addition to use the backup services your hosting company provides. I use the Bluehost Pro Backup service which keeps backups of the individual files. That way if something screws up, and I know where it is, I can simply overwrite that one file and Voila, back in business.

My clients are picking me to death wanting me to add and change things after they have already chosen the design they wanted from the three comps I gave them. I try to go by the contract, but some clients just don’t understand boundaries! I like to compare this process of setting boundaries with web design to that of the renovation of a house. If someone came to me with a limited budget for a kitchen renovation, I would say, “well lets put together a proposal that fits your budget, and it will have certain moderate finishes, not granite and not finely jointed custom cabinetry.” Then, when into the job, they say, “Wouldn’t a Viking Stove look great in here?” I would readily agree but would also remind them that unfortunately they did not buy the kitchen remodeling package with a Viking Stove. And then that would be the end of it, unless they could come up with some extra money for a change order for the higher priced appliance package.

When we are doing web design because we can create a “Viking Stove” we forget to tell the client that they didn’t buy it. We want them to be happy, but it ends up being at our expense and then we are not happy and they are on a path to ask for more and more. Having my three packages helps me and the client to remember that they bought the Working Dog rather than the Best in Breed.

You all asked a lot more great questions, so stay tuned, and I promise to write more on the topics you brought up!

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  • Pam Rauber

    Great questions and answers…NOTE to Self: Learn how to back up blogsite. I do have BlueHost Pro Backup but obviously, I need more.


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