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I spent the weekend at my friend’s farmhouse out in the country. Although, still February, the grass was green and there were fields of blooming daffodils. Spring, with it’s promise of renewal, was evident everywhere. I am feeling it in my work too.

Daffodils on the Hill Farm in Washington GeorgiaLast week, I saw two new clients who are each starting new businesses. They are both are in situations where they need to make a living from their businesses, which adds an extra layer of importance. When looking ahead, they are overwhelmed with much to learn and do and the fear of making the wrong choices, looking foolish and failing.

I hear this story all the time. I know and understand it because I’ve been there. I have been at the edge of the cliff knowing that to get to where I want to go, I have to jump. It is all the more daunting knowing that after the jump there is a long hard climb. And we have to jump with no guarantees.

We usually have some little inkling or maybe a full out vision of what is possible. But, it takes bravery and fierceness to put it, yourself, your ideas, your fledgling business, out there in the world. And then, it takes doing the work, one step at a time.

It is good to get advice,  but temper it with your own reality. You will have people, even friends and family, who tell you that it is not a good idea, and that can make you pause, or even shut down. When I was starting out, I actually had people coming to me wanting me to do websites before I had a real business. I went to a couple of web developers to ask them about my idea to start a WordPress and Social Media business and neither of them encouraged me. In fact, quite the opposite, “It’s a recession. . . business is slow . . . clients aren’t spending money.”  At first, I was discouraged, but then what they said did not ring true for me. I was getting clients. I took the leap and started New Tricks.

I didn’t leap blindly. I was careful at first. The domain, newtricks.com was $2,800! I opted instead for newtricks.com which was only $11.00.  With each step, I felt stronger and knew it was the right thing.  I was probably making 3.00 an hour with all the hours I was working but I was actually making a living doing what I loved. After the first year, I talked the guy down a little and bought newtricks.com. I was all in. And the people I had consulted with? It turns out they had no idea what I was talking about. They were doing expensive static websites and did not understand that times had changed.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the process of starting a new business or new life path. We think we need to know everything. We think we need to know the end game. But no, not really. It begins with taking the next step and then the next.

To new beginnings,  Judi

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  • Carol Sue Young

    Thanks for this article, Judi. It comes at a perfect time for me. I, too, am starting a new business and am facing all the fears that you mentioned: Will I succeed? Will I be able to learn what I need to know to keep in and hopefully ahead of the game? Do I have what it takes?
    I feel fortunate to have your guidance and support to lean on and learn from. I keep cruising New Tricks archives and have read a lot from customizing WordPress websites to marketing and design.
    Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your good vision and willingness to share.

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