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Here are some ways you can spruce up your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Login to your LinkedIn account, hover over Profile in the Menu, and select View Profile to see the view of your profile that others see. Check it out and make notes of things to change.

2. Make sure you have a good, engaging headshot.

3. Check that your bio is up to date, paints a picture of you in a way in a way you want to be seen, and showcases your unique interests and strengths.

4. Go back Profile in the Menu and this time select Edit Profile. You will see a yellow button with an invitation to Improve Profile which will make suggestions of things you can add to your Linkedin Profile.

5. Click on the Edit button next to your name. You will be able to add a more descriptive phrase of 160 characters, explaining what you do, that will appear under your name.

6. Where it asks you to add a website URL, click Edit. You will be shown three boxes. The first one lets you choose what kind of website you are adding. Scroll through the list and choose “Other”. You will be able to put the name of your website to be hyperlinked to its URL rather than the description of it.  I changed my titles to New Tricks and Urban Oasis and they are hyperlinked.

7. Have you added your Company to Linkedin? If not go to  Menu, Company. In the upper right hand corner you will see “Add a Company.” Select it, and you can create a company profile for your business.

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