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Start a MeetupIf you are looking to get your business off the ground, start a Meetup to find people that are interested in your services. Meetup not only allows you to post a meeting, you can also post 15 relevant topic areas so that people may find your Meetup. You can design a workshop or seminar and use the Meetup as a vehicle for people to get to know you and sign up for your other services.

Meetup charges the organizers a fee when they start a meetup and they can run up to 3 Meetup Groups at any one time under their plan.

Their 3 different fee plans are:

  • $12 per month for 6 month (a single $72 charge)
  • $15 per month for 3 months ( a single $45 charge)
  • $19 per month

Each group can have as many members as you wish to attend. They do not charge members to join, but you as an organizer can choose whether to charge people to attend your Meetups or not. If you do charge you can list your fee and have people either pay at the door, or you can charge them a fee that they pay with PayPal prior to being able to RSVP for the meetup. There are pros and cons to charging, but people are more likely to follow through and attend the Meetup when they have to pay a nominal fee to RSVP.

At the moment Meetup is having a sale, half off the first payment. Why not use this as an opportunity to branch out, start a meetup, and grow your community?

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