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Step Away from GoDaddy

If you are one of our clients, or have been following me for any length of time, you know that I don’t recommend anyone use GoDaddy for a WordPress site. This is due to very poor, erratic performance and then a tendency, on their part, to blame the customer and try to upsell you to something you don’t need.
If you are using GoDaddy to host your website, then you probably know that they had a huge outage last week where most of their sites and their e-mail accounts went down. It is now unclear whether the blackout was really caused by an anonymous hacker from the Anonymous hacking collective acting independently, since the Anonymous collective denied being involved.

Or, was it due, as is now thought to be the case, to problems caused by GoDaddy’s own infrastructure. Whichever the cause, many businesses lost time and sales by their sites being down and are now considering a move to a new hosting company.

Here are the companies I recommend:

Let us know if you need help with the move.

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  • aamiene

    We have used Hostgator for our sites for almost 2 years now and our sites have NEVER been down once in all that time. They are great, very reasonably priced and their 24 hour help chat is second to none. I have always been very impressed with the service we've received from them.

  • Rebecca Holman

    I too have used Host Gator over 5 years for both my sites on shared hosting and my clients sites on reseller hosting, with no problems or issues. I recommend it to my students and it has been well known and documented that GD is not a good host for WordPress, not just because of outages but also because they do not update PHP as often as they should and there a number of unexplainable theme incompatibility issues between GD and WordPress. When I work on a client site, I charge them extra if they are hosting on GD.

  • Carel

    Hi Judi,
    Thank you for the recommendation!

    Cheers, Carel of
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  • Colt Agar

    HostGator is hands down the best shared hosting plan on the market. Incredible staff, unbelievable performance, and an affordable price.

    I wouldn't touch GoDaddy with a 10 foot pole!
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  • kyrya

    GoDaddy hosting? What a joke… I've been using it for several weeks and just wasted my time. I've used hostgator for over 5 years and will definitely be keep on using…
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  • Steve S

    I also made the switch from Godaddy. I went to HostGator though and I have been very happy. The prices at HostGator are very reasonable when you use a hosting coupon. I noticed a considerable change in website speed when I made my switch. I also hear very good things about BlueHost (as you recommend) but I have not tried them myself.
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