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Streamline your business with boxOrganizing your business so that everybody is on the same page can be a complicated task.  With a plethora of options, from Basecamp to Asana to Dropbox and everything in between it’s hard to know the best way to streamline your business.

We recently discovered a mix between Google Drive, Dropbox, and Asana called Box.  Box’s mission is to “Make sharing, accessing, and managing content ridiculously easy.”

Box offers a free account with 10gb of storage that allows you to upload your files to the cloud.  They offer both a desktop and mobile app so that you have ability to view or files on the go.

The most attractive feature of Box is the ability to edit documents directly from the box interface. Other services such as Dropbox force you to download the document if you want to edit it, and then re-upload the document after you finish editing it.  Google Docs allows you to edit certain documents but the editing process can be a pain and it doesn’t offer the flexibility and options that Box does. Also, no need to worry, Box runs securely with encrypted files.

Box key features:

  • Automatic version control
  • Open & save files directly from box without downloading the document
  • Team comments for better collaboration
  • Encryption
  • Assign tasks to teammates
  • Access Box from anywhere on any device

Give them a try, and let us know what you think.


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  • notesfromkris

    Thanks for the advice to help us learn as you learn! I use TeamLab for my Project Management, Doc Creation/Sharing, and CRM (though I don’t use it to its fullest extent…)

    • Judi Knight

      Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you. I don’t know Team Lab but will check it out. It is really hard to use these systems to their fullest. Evernote is an example of that. It can do soooo many things and I use it as a swipe file for ideas.

  • Charlie Sasser

    Judi: We use Box in some situations with a group of partners.
    The good news or bad news is that everything has to relate to a document. So if you are in a group that is sharing (mostly documents) and what to ask a general question to the group you can’t post a comment unless it relates to a document. I don’t use Box a lot but there may be additional apps that add this.
    Do you know of a way to post a comment to a group within Box without creating a document first?

  • mickmel

    You said (I think) that you were considering using Box for tasks instead of Asana. How’s that looking? Feasible?

    • judiknight

      I like Box a lot. I am not sure if it will take the place of Asana, but I can use it instead of Dropbox and Google Docs. The great thing is you can open a doc right there in the online version and edit it in Word, Excel, or other programs.

      You can leave notes to people, make comments and store everything for a project in one file.

      Still testing but looking good.

      • judiknight

        Tamika, Welcome aboard. Let us know if you have any questions.

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