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streamline content marketing with coscheduleHaving blog posts on your site is key to looking like you are current, smart and know what you are talking about. It is important to write about things that your client base would find informative, helpful or entertaining. It is not the place to sell.

The blog posts should demonstrate your brand personality and expertise and shorten the sales cycle by having people feel like they would like to do business with you before they even make a call.  Most savvy business owners know about the importance of content marketing but don’t know what to write and don’t feel they have time to write a post and then send it out through social media.

I am all for tools that can help streamline this process for harried business owners and their content creators. CoSchedule is our new secret weapon.

 CoSchedule Explained:

CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin that creates a drag and drop visual calendar for you to use to organize your blog posts and social media messages right from your WordPress dashboard. You can access CoSchedule  directly from your WordPress website or directly on the CoSchedule website. We like using Co-Schedule’s drag and drop editor right in WordPress where we can easily communicate tasks and messages to our team.

How CoSchedule Works:

cos-logo-icon-orgwht-250x250For only $10 a month, you can assign unlimited teammates and blog websites to your account (additional sites cost $10/month).

It is also a great way to manage your own blog if you post once a week or more.  And it is very helpful for people handling content and social media for more than company .

Go to CoSchedule to sign up  for a  free trial to find out if this is the right publishing platform for you.  Once you’ve signed up, download & install the plugin, assign your teammates, and connect your social media profiles. CoSchedule integrates with Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, and Buffer to make posting and scheduling social media updates easy.

After connecting your social media accounts, you are now set to schedule and publish posts and social media messages as you please.

How CoSchedule Helps New Tricks:

Before we discovered CoSchedule, New Tricks was using Box to archive blog posts, images, and notes. Collaboration became difficult since we had to send a Word Document back forth with notes.

We also had a hard time looking at our previous posts to see which ones resonated with readers, and why. We found ourselves editing our posts up until the very last minute before they were supposed to go out in the newsletter.

Now, with CoSchedule, we are able to communicate tasks, revise copy, add images, and send out social media messages all from within our WordPress dashboard. We don’t have to send Word Documents back and forth, and  we’ve started to plan blog and social media posts weeks in advance.

The added ability to track social media analytics has helped us refine our messages to better communicate with our readers.

It can be difficult to get Facebook and Google + messages to show up just the way you want them to, but CoSchedule makes it easy to format these updates to look the best when posted to our accounts.  The ability to upload the right sized images, and preview our social media updates before they are posted is very helpful.

CoSchedule features we love:

  1. The Drag-And-Drop editorial calendar is very functional.
  1. We can schedule social media updates right where we blog.
  1. Saves time while we watch our traffic grow.
  1. This plugin won’t bog down our site performance .
  1. Schedules and automates our blog and social publishing
  1. Allows our team to communicate with other on posts and updates.

Learn More About CoSchedule


Take a look at CoSchedule and tell us what you think!

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  • Leanne Fournier

    Some great information Judi. Thanks!

    • Judi Knight

      Thanks Leanne. Anything to make life easier!

  • Lilly // CoSchedule Support

    Thanks for the awesome review, Judi! We really appreciate it. Happy blogging 🙂

    • Judi Knight

      We are loving Co-Schedule. What a great idea you had!

  • Wallet Squirrel

    Great tips Judi! Us over at just started using CoSchedule and are loving the results. Our Twitter following is exploding through the roof. My favorite feature is the headline analyzer though I can spend too much time on it trying to get the highest score possible. It has become a game for me.

    – Adam

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