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Beach ball and flip flopsIt’s Summertime and I put together a list of some ideas and fun apps for you.

    1. If you are in the airport there is an app called Gate Guru that will tell you where you can eat. It will also warn you if you need to get to your gate. It is free for iPhones and Android.
    2. Check out this online Travel Wiki for some interesting and unusual articles on places. This Wiki is updated by regular people who have been so it has some things you may not find in the more touristy guide books.
    3. Take a picture with your phone and then send it to Postagram ( free app for the iPhone and the Android). For a dollar they will send a postcard to your fam back home. It is kind of nice to get things in the mail once in a while.
    4. Read local blogs before you go somewhere. After reading local blogs before I went, I knew Buenos Aires like the back of my hand and I had never been there before.

  1. Yelp is available as a free app on your iPhone or Android. It is a good place to check out what people really think of restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment. Why waste a good afternoon going somewhere people hate?
  2. Pandora Radio is a free app and great option for a summer party. Simply enter an artist you like and the Pandora app will create a customized playlist. If you prefer more variety, the app also includes playlists grouped by genre, including pop, rock, or oldies.
  3. I read all three Hunger Games books on my iPhone in a weekend. You don’t have to be that crazy, but it worked really well.  Buy the books for Kindle through Amazon and then upload them to read on your iPad or iPhone and read till your heart’s content.
  4. Okay so this one will cost you 4.99 but it is the hottest app going this summer. It is the Weber Grill app where you’ll find over 250 recipes for the grill. Whether you’re cooking red meat, pork, poultry, seafood or even vegetables this app has you covered and will even teach you with its techniques section and grill guide and built-in grocery list.
  5. Instagram is an iPhone photography app that lets you add one of 15 filters and borders. The best thing is that it lets you instantly share them on Facebook or Twitter and even better if you get yourself a free Tumblr blog you can send the photos from your vacation with captions to the blog and you will end up with a vacation photo album. Cool huh?
  6. Foodspotting is a great social app that will show you real pics of the food in nearby locales. It is like having a foodie friend who tells you what to order where. Then you can add your own photos of meals that you loved.
  7. EWG Sunscreen buyers guide is a free iPhone app by the Environmental Working Group that will tell you which brands and which ingredients are good and which are not so hot.


If you have some summertime tips, please do share 🙂

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