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Susan Puckett was a former AJC food editor, so she definitely knows food and knows how to write about it. Susan wrote a book called “Eat Drink Delta: A Hungry Traveler’s Journey Through the Soul of the South” and started a blog after she published that book. She then went on to find her passion which is to help chefs to tell their story and write their books.

Susan needed a website to put her new business and passion into the world.  So we helped her create, which lays out her services in a compelling way.

A year or so later, this is what Susan told a friend:

YES, please send Judi my regards — I am greatly indebted to her! She is so great. And relentless. Every time I run into her she gives me a hard time about not blogging, as she should…but even without the updated blog posts my web site is producing results. I learned so much just from the process of working with her.

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