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syaa designsSara Anderson is an artist. Over the past few years she started creating pattern designs to use for fabrics. She came to New Tricks needing help to start her new business from name to graphics and onto website developments and social media.  Out of this Syaa Designs was born.

Syaa Designs specializes in beautiful fabric patterns so we used Woocommerce but set it up as a gallery instead of a store so that Sara’s fabrics would be displayed properly, each design showing its related patterns. This made it easy to navigate as well as giving  Sara the ability to easily change her gallery into a shop, when the time is right.

Mailchimp is a great way to send out newsletters to your clients, and we made sure that Sara was set up with a branded newsletter as well as an opt in on the website.

We had a great time working with Sara, and look forward to her future success.

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