Allison Boaz • New Tricks
Allison BoazProject Director & Copywriter

Allison is passionate about the power of effective communication. She understands that a visually pleasing, well-organized, clearly written website can make the difference between customers choosing your company over your competition.

Your organization’s website must address customer pain points with empathy, clearly articulate product and service benefits, and provide the reassurance potential customers need to take action.

During the first phase of our work together, you’ll meet with Allison to take a deep dive into your business. Who is your target audience? What factors set you apart from the competition? What problems does your business solve? Your responses to these questions will guide the strategy for your new website and ensure that it attracts the customers you want.

Allison’s career includes seven years managing global digital communications at The Coca-Cola Company. She worked as a writer and project manager at two digital marketing agencies before starting her own digital communications company in 2011. From 2013-2018, Allison developed all of the communications and marketing materials to evolve a new summer camp from a young startup to a robust organization that grew 381% in just five years. She has collaborated with New Tricks to help clients achieve communication goals since 2012.

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