Jessica MurphyProject Manager

Jessica is an entrepreneur, a yogini, and a make-it-happener. With Judi’s encouragement, Jessica created her first WordPress blog so she could share about her travels through South America. After returning to the states, Jessica started her own yoga conference, called the Dirty South Yoga Fest, which required her to build her second WordPress website. By following New Tricks’ weekly blog, Just A Digital Minute, and using its tips, tricks, and overall website and life-expanding info, Jessica caught on that WordPress could be a powerful tool for taking any business to the next level.

To us here at New Tricks, Jessica brings her ability to manage teams, potent organizational skills, a degree in Public Relations, and her experience in digital and social media marketing to every project she lays her hands on. We count on Jessica (and you can, too!) to keep our projects on track, wrangle content, and support our team to deliver our websites on time and on budget. Jessica knows that anything is possible – when you have the right tools – and, the New Tricks team in your corner.

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