Ten Tips to Create Email Newsletters that People Want to Receive
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Email with WingsOver the past week or so, I have received some great examples of email newsletters from my clients and WordPress Meetup peeps.

My definition of great is they were effective. I actually wanted to read them, I did not want to unsubscribe and I will remember them. I have actually referred to some of them over the past several months that I have been receiving their newsletters.

You may be surprised to know that according to Forrester Research, almost 1/3 of repeat customers they studied were initiated from an email.

It is no small feat to nail the secret sauce to appeal to your business and audience.

Kudos to:

  • Atlanta Home Inspector Dan Curl, for his helpful, short and to the point, home maintenance tips.
  • Web Desginer, Tom Tortorici, for his discussions on marketing concepts.
  • Executive Coach, Henna Inam for her practical advice for women in business.
  • Web Developer Jeff Cohan for his great rants such as his latest on the use manipulative blog post headlines.

Have you thought about what you can do to stay front of mind with your people? Below are a few tips to get started.

Ten Tips to Create Email Newsletters That People Want to Receive

  1. Pick a topic to write which is of interest to your target audience.
  2. For some businesses it makes sense that the topic be very specific. For other businesses make the topic appeal to a broader group of potential referral sources.
  3. Plan to send your email messages on a regular basis, once a week or once a month. After a month, people will forget they signed up and be more likely to unsubscribe.
  4. You do not need a fancy layout. Simpler formats are better.
  5. Stick to one topic; shorter is better.
  6. Make people feel like they are insiders and not just prospects.  People do want to get the specials or know what new things you have to offer, but these messages should be offerings of love and connection rather than a sales job. ZIg Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
  7. Make it mobile friendly and check how your email looks on mobile. Mobile is where the most email action is happening.
  8. Some people don’t have images enabled on their computers or mobile devices so create a plain text version.
  9. When you are using images in the HTML version, describe the images in the alt tag so those subscribers whose emails don’t allow them to see images, will still see that there is an image and will get the description of what it is.
  10. Remember to proof and test before sending out.


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  • Melody-Rose Parker


    Every week I think you've written the most helpful newsletter yet. Then, you go and top it! I really felt this newsletter about newsletters is on point, as I'm working with MailChimp to develop one for Transcendent Journey.

    Thanks so much for your generosity. You are a great lady and friend!


    My recent post Today’s Question

  • Tom Tortorici

    I love it that you included the idea of making a genuine connection, vs. just 'doing a sales job.' That's one that you don't see in many lists of email tips! It's prompted me to think more about that issue, because it can be a careful balance between the marketing imperative of trying to sell stuff, vs. remaining authentic in our appeal to potential buyers. Certainly worth further discussion. In fact, I may steal that topic for a blog post of my own…
    My recent post The internet marketing lesson we learned in the days of the telegraph.

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