A Year in Review: 10 Things I'm Thankful For
 In General

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and it has me looking around and counting my blessings.

10 things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

graphic_thanksgiving-givethanks-245x1601. First off, I want to thank all of  The Just a Digital Minute subscribers. It really means a lot to me. I especially love when people write and introduce themselves to me, sharing dreams and struggles so if you haven’t done that yet, please take an opportunity to do so.

2. Next, on a personal note, I am grateful for losing 43 pounds so far this year. My goal is 50 by January. It may seem ambitious given that I have to navigate through the Bermuda triangle of dieting: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. By making a somewhat outrageous goal, I will have to really focus on keeping things real and not give in to the deluge of holiday treats.

3. I am getting a bionic knee in January. Twenty-five years ago, I had a skiing accident that has come back to haunt me and is keeping me from dancing and five-mile walks on the Atlanta Beltline. I am really glad that there is an operation that will give me my mojo back.

4. Next month is the third anniversary of working with my son, Michael. I am really grateful for this time with him and love that he is so good at what he does. It makes me proud to hear that our clients just love Michael.

5. On the topic of kids, just last week, my daughter, Amanda, was promoted to Brand Manager. This was great news, especially when I heard that all of the Associate Brand Managers were laid off. I feel bad that so many people lost their jobs right before the holidays. I am really grateful Amanda didn’t, and I’m really proud of her.

6. This year New Tricks got organized, Woo Hoo! We took the time to implement the project management Trifecta of InsightlyGoogle Apps and Box. I am happy to be able to assign tasks right from my Gmail! These tools have helped me avoid being the Monkey in the Middle.

7. Over the past six months, New Tricks hired a wonderful bookkeeper/office assistant, Aleesha Hurd and a kickass project manager, Jennifer Ohme. Having them on board has helped rocket our productivity to a new level. It is always a stretch, and quite scary, to bring on new people, but doing so has contributed to an increase in revenue, and sanity, over the past year.

8. I am so grateful that Matt Mullenweg developed WordPress, and continues to lead this large open source community. Powering 23% of the Internet, WordPress has given me and many others a career, and changed millions of lives.

9. I want to thank my WordPress Meetup Peeps and WordCamp Organizing Committee for giving me back so much more than I give. I love being a part of our community.

10. I can’t go without thanking my informal, external business support system for all sorts of help. Allison Boaz, Russell Fair, Jason Swenk, Mike Schinkle, Nancy Chorpenning, my CEO School Women and many more, have all helped me grapple with how to take on larger Best in Breed projects with larger budgets, while still being able to work with the Young Pups and Working Dogs that we love.

I’d love to hear what you are thankful for this year, leave us a comment below!

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