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If you’re blogging on your WordPress website (which you should be doing for oh so many reasons) you want to keep people on your site as long as possible.  No you don’t have to resort to tying them up, but the next best thing to keep them reading is by using a related posts plugin to display a list of related posts with thumbnail images under each of your posts.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
(YARPP) is one of the most popular related posts plugins and is recommended by such heavy hitters as Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, Matt Cutts from Google and Joost de Valk developer of the WordPress SEO plugin.

This is handy to have since it will direct visitors to other posts you’ve written on the same or related subjects. When people stay on your site you will decrease your bounce rate, since people are going to read your other entries while at the same time increasing your pageviews.

Joost, an SEO guru, likes this plugin since leaving a trail to other related posts makes it easier for the search engines to get to your older content.

The plugin uses an algorithm to calculate a matching score for the current post and each of your other posts to find the ones to be listed as related under a particular post. You can control the threshold for relevance in the settings, and you can also disallow certain tags or categories so entries in categories such as Portfolio or Press so they won’t be considered.

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