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One of my readers asked me this week if I had a new husband. I said, “No, we have been together 10 years. Why?” She said that I never talk about him and she’s right because I usually don’t write a lot about my personal life if it is not relevant to the topic at hand. But, when I spilled the beans, she said that she liked hearing about my life. So, here are some little known facts.

  • I am reticent to make time commitments for future events like vacations and meetings because maybe it won’t be the right time when the time comes.
  • My house is painted 45 colors and, though I hate to throw away paint cans, I recently gave away 240 left over from various projects, through Freecycle.
  • I suck at following precise measurements and like to ad-lib. Because of this, I am a terrible baker but a pretty good cook.
  • I am the oldest of seven children in a ten year age span. I have five sisters and a youngest brother.
  • My 24 year-old son works at New Tricks doing graphics and webdesign and my 26 year-old daughter does PR, marketing and events for DC restaurants. I also have 4 step-children and a grandchild living in Atlanta.
  • I am cognizant of my character flaws. There is nothing you can tell me that I don’t already know.
  • I suck at remembering most birthdays. My own included. I need to write them all on a calendar.
  • I read a lot and read fast. Always have.
  • I don’t like to plan meals and mostly shop when I am hungry, which isn’t so good.
  • My husband and I love to dance. Tango, Zydeco, Swing are our favorites.
  • I have a gift of seeing people’s strengths and helping them build on them. I can also see their weaknesses and try and keep those to myself.
  • I run the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast in my 6000 sq foot loft. I don’t want it to be at the top of a Google search. I like being the very cool place you are delighted to find.
  • I am a dog lover and have three Basset Hounds but there are some dogs and some kids that I don’t care for.
  • I throw great parties and events. It is a family tradition.
  • My Dad was in the Navy and I have lived in most of the great beach towns in the US. I can’t believe I didn’t settle down in a beach town, but Atlanta is my home.
  • I am a reluctant traveler but am usually glad I went.
  • I didn’t recognize that I was an artist until I was in my late forties.

So that’s a bit of me.

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  • @DesignedByLori

    Love the Fam picture Judi <3 It's amazing how much you and your sisters look alike! I always love reading your posts. Thank you for sharing!

    • judi knight

      Thanks Lori, I have many of those. When in a big family there is a tendency to line everyone up for every occasion!

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