TEDx Centennital Park Women's event was inspirational and the speakers sensational.
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Tedx Centennial Park WomenBack in September, I got an email from a friend and client, Henna Inam, asking, “Any Interest in being on a committee to put on a TEDx Women In Atlanta?” She told me the theme would be The Space Between with an emphasis on making a difference in the lives of women.

Then Henna went on to say that the event was to take place on December 1st. I had to wonder how it was going to be possible to put on a TED event in the space between September and December, but I love TED talks and have a lot of respect for Henna, so I signed on and got to work creating the TEDx Centennial Park Women’s website.

TEDx Centennial Park Women came together last Saturday and I have to say that the event was stellar. The audience was excited, engaged and beautiful and the presentations were brilliant, and inspirational. Dr Bertice Berry, a luminous presence, spoke and even sang on the space between life and laughter.

Then the day proceeded with talks ranging from John Brock, CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises, who spoke about how his family growing up led him to his stance of actively hiring and promoting women for boards and positions mostly held by men, to Marta Merriman, a Colombian Zumba instructor whose passion is to have women accept their bodies and dance.

In addition to being inspired, my ears perked up over a couple of things I heard that day. First, I heard Henna say that once we got the website up she knew it was real  and she was then able to put together a team to help pull the event off. The second thing that caught my attention was Catherine Tabor’s story about starting Sparkfly, her business providing employee discount programs to major corporations.

Ten years ago, Catherine, with no formal business training, started a little concierge business to do errands for people, walk their dogs and buy their gifts for them. Catherine put together a website to advertise her services. One day she got a call from a company who asked her if she would put together a proposal for her to produce an employee discount program. It was Coke. They had seen her website and called her, even though she was just a little concierge business.

I loved that the website gave Henna the boost she needed to know that the event was real and, out of Catherine’s little website for her concierge business, she was able to attract Coke to someone with absolutely no experience or track record.
I know my first website was an important learning tool that led me to my new career and when I created the New Tricks website it was real for me that I had a business and not a hobby. How could a website make a difference in your life?

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    Judi, what a fabulous opportunity! Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers. Very grateful.

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