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New Automated Gravity Forms Version!

Watch Judi Knight use The Website Cost Estimator™ with a Prospective Client

What’s Included?

  • The 5 Step Guide to Pricing Websites Like a Pro
  • PDF and Word Doc Versions of The Website Cost Estimator™
  • Automated Version Gravity Form Import File
  • PDF and Video Instructions for Editing the Automated Version
  • Live Version of the Automated Tool to Use with Your Clients



How Cool Is This?

  • Go through the questions on The Website Cost Estimator™with your prospective client to nail down exactly what they’ll need for their website build.
  • Automatically provides a new subtotal for the project cost after each item has been completed.
  • Created with Gravity Forms using conditional logic which can be edited to be in line with the services you provide at your price points.
  • Educates your prospect as to how the price of their website is determined.
  • By the end of the consultation, you’ll have everything you need to create their proposal – including buy-in on the price. Sending the proposal is usually more of a formality!
  • Includes instructions on how to use Gravity Forms conditional logic to edit the form. Or, you can contract with us to tweak it if needed.

If you don’t find that The Website Price Estimator™ works for you to price and close new website business, just let us know. We’ll refund 100% of your money!

Meet Judi Knight

Judi Knight is the founder and chief at New Tricks Web Design. Not your typical web designer, Judi brings an unusual wealth of experience to her work, with a background as a Ph.D. Psychologist, CEO of a software company, and real estate developer.

Judi is an organizer of Atlanta WordPress Users Group with over 3,000 members, and started and led WordCamp Atlanta for five years. She’s a blogger, national speaker, and publishes Just a Digital Minute, a popular weekly newsletter on websites and social media.

Judi and her team conduct an online coaching and training program, The WordPress Web Design Mastery Course, launching Oct, 2017.

The Motto at New Tricks is “It’s Never too Late” …to start a new business, to have a great website, or to leverage new technologies to grow your company. Keep in touch @judiknight

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