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Attention: Website Designers & Developers!


Correctly pricing a website project can be a tricky task .
Overpricing may alienate potential clients, and underpricing leads to lost income.

Not accurately assessing the scope of the project will cost you time, money and peace of mind. Worry No More!

Our FREE COURSE gives you a five-step process to use with your website clients to set a fair price and accurate scope of work so you can set your project up for success!

And, you’ll receive a login to our members only website access to the secret weapon we use to price client websites.

The Website Cost Estimator ™!

Includes Our Awesome Tool, The Website Cost Estimator ™!

Our Five Step Process Makes Pricing Websites Foolproof

  • What to say in a 10-minute qualifying call.
  • Simple questions you ask at the start of a consultation to build trust and establish a  professional relationship.
  • Use The Website Cost Estimator ™ with your prospective client to arrive at a fair and accurate price for their project.
  • How to close the deal in a way that will set up your project for success.

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