A Feast for Postitive Change in the World: World Domination Summit
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I am writing this from Portland, Oregon, where I  just attended a conference this past weekend with 500 entrepreneurs who blog, use Twitter and collectively have a gazillion readers. The conference was a really unusual one, more of a love fest where amazing people came together in a very relaxed setting to share stories and strategies on how to be a positive change in the world.

Chris_Guillebeaua at World Domination Summit

My friend, Brandon Sutton summed it up well,

The thing that stands out to me more than anything else about the weekend is the positive, uplifting energy that everyone brought to the experience.Keynote speakers and attendees alike seemed to be totally at ease with sharing from their hearts, and genuinely engaging with those who wanted to share stories during breaks.  When people asked me why I came, I said that I wanted to be a part of a group of people that are all vibrating on the same frequency, and despite their differences in terms of life stages or motivations, we were all seemed to be there to bring about positive changes in the world.


world domination summit


One of my reasons for going was to meet people in real life that I knew online. While there, I went to introduce myself to Buddhist coach and photographer,  Bindu Wiles, and she said, “Oh! Judi! I was just asking Danielle (Danielle LaPorte is another person, fiery writer who I greatly admire) if she had seen you here yet.” Well, call me a groupie, but it made my day that Bindu Wiles and Danielle LaPorte were actually asking about me!

It was a privilege to be able to meet and hangout with the people who are well known in these circles. But as meaningful, and maybe more important, were the opportunities to meet other truly remarkable people I didn’t know before, who are doing powerful things with their lives.


World Domination Summit Groupie Report

Here is a partial list of great folks to follow from Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit:

More than just being a groupie, I came away with some new ideas on team building and mastermind groups and keeping your blog content current and relevant. It was inspiring and touching and there was so much information that it felt like we were in a banquet where one great course after another comes out and is presented and it is hard to swallow and enjoy because there was so much and it was so good.

What a superpower we all have available, to be able to use Social Media to share our ideas, businesses and friendships with people we would never even have known of otherwise.

I could go on an on about the experience of #WDS but I won’t because I have work to do and am fired up to do it. I have to get my posts ready for my the ten day blog series I have coming up on June 20 called “Unleash Yourself and Run with The Big Dogs”. I think at the World Domination Summit we all had those leashes off.  It was fabulous.

Be sure to check out and  go ahead and sign up for my  Big Dog Blog Series. That way you’ll get an e-mail from me each day introducing the next blogger.  I am very excited that Chris is going to be one of the them!

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  • @Brandon101

    Thanks for the mention, Judi. It was definitely a great experience that is not easily explained in words.

    I'm looking forward to the blog series coming up! That will be a nice jolt of awesome after the WDS hangover wears off. 🙂
    My recent post Recharging My Soul at the World Domination Summit

  • Callahan McDonough

    Well put Judi. I too loved being there, with you, Duane, and Brandon. Liked the the ride from the airport to downtown Portland. Traveling on Max, Portland's transport system, was like stepping out of time, as we quietly glided toward our destination, for $2.95. Also our ride on the trolley, sweet, I won't forgot the signage with fee scales, the last one for " honored citizens", ahem, that be me and my peers over 60 year :). The power of the group at WDS,stayed consistent for me at each event, & presentation and was much more than I could have predicated. I expected it to be a powerhouse of info on social media marketing with, yes, folks who have great values that come thru in their blogs. I did not know how truly loving the group was, continues to be, and how dedicated each person is to contributing to a world that 'radiates' love and reciprocity. All this plus living powerful lives in business and personally. wow.

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