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Customizing WordPress With Chris Pearson’s Thesis Theme

I often use Thesis Theme for WordPress which is a premium theme by DIY Themes. Thesis comes rather plain vanilla out of the box but comes with a great theme options admin panel which makes putting a site together go very quickly. Thesis is regularly updated and it has been tested to the hilt. Because so many people use this theme as the bones for their site, there are a lot of tutorials and thesis hacks out there,  just a quick Google Search away. Graphic designer’s  like to use it because it is somewhat of a blank slate.  But a lot of folks use it as is, right out of the gate.  Clients love this theme since it has a lot easy to use options and it never breaks. Here are  just a few of our  New Tricks website customizations using Thesis Theme.
Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Transformational Leadership

Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

New Tricks

Callahan Life Coach

Margo Geller

Atlanta Nutrition

Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast

Stand Up Guys

Gerogia State Inspections

KSIS Auto Transport

Coach Me Rhonda

David McDonald, LCSW

Isvari Yoga

One thing about Thesis this that it is regularly updated to reflect the latest WordPress features and functionality so if you customize it you really need a theme like this that adds the customizations to separate files. Thesis has included a custom css file and custom  functions file where you can make changes to the code in such a way where they won’t be overwritten during a theme upgrade. This is akin to and a good first step to the the concept of creating  child themes to easily update your customized theme in a way that your customizations are safe.

Because Thesis has created such a large community of users, there are many great thesis theme tutorials with all sorts of hacks showing you the code to make the changes that you may want to make to a theme to really personalize it.  It is a good theme to use to learn to customize your WordPress site.

If you decide to buy your own copy then please use the link below. 🙂

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


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  • Rachel

    Thanks for the info. Would really like to see a post on how to install a new theme on a local wp server with an FTP client. I have my local wp blog all set up and running, but when I try and upload my theme it doesn't work. I know that nothing is wrong with the file, and so I am wondering how to use Filezilla to upload the theme instead.

    • judi knight

      You have a local server installed on your computer? Which one? Can you upload any files to the local server with FTP?

  • Rachel

    Thanks for replying so fast! Actually, I figured out that with a local server I just need to upload the new theme to the wp-content/themes file on my computer. But at least I found your site 🙂

  • Mark Hockenberry

    Wow, great landing page for Thesis examples. I'm in the process of learning hooks and getting some ideas for customizing. This is a good start!

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  • shashank

    great customisations! i really liked them.
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  • Lilly Rose

    You really cannot go wrong with Thesis. If you are only beginning with building your WordPress site, it is so easy to use. However, if you are sick and tired of basics, it has so many options for customization that you'll be satisfied anyway!
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