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Here are three simple Facebook tips that have reduced the aggravation factor I sometimes get with  Facebook. I recently went on a rant about people sending out hundreds of updates a day and I have had to just go reduce the number of updates or hide them altogether. Recently, Facebook went and changed everyone’s e-mails to a Facebook e-mail and then people who you want to have your e-mail address may not be able to find you. And finally, We’ve all made mistakes and want a do-over and now you can edit a comment.

Hiding Someones Updates
Choose your Facebook Home icon to see your friends’ feeds. Scroll to someone who you’d like to make adjustments to the frequency of receiving their updates. Hover over their update and right above it a down arrow will appear. Selecting that will cause a drop-down to appear where you can choose between receiving: all updates, most updates and only important updates. Done.

Facebook Gave You a New Email
Facebook has changed your e-mail address to a Facebook e-mail ending in If you want to change it back it’s pretty easy. From your Profile page, right under your cover photo select “Update Info”. Then go to “Contact Info” and click on “Edit”. You will see the e-mail addresses that you have listed as well as the version. You can choose who can see which ones and whether they can be seen in your Timeline.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of writing a Facebook update and send it off and then realize you’ve made some bad mistake or stupidly misspelled something. You want to get it back, but no, it’s out there and too late. You could delete it and do it over but what happened to the one that was out there that you deleted? All of a sudden Facebook is letting us edit comments after posting them. When you hover over your comment a tiny pencil appears and gives you a drop-down “Edit” option which lets you change the comment and not just delete it which was the only previous choice.

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  • Alex Thompson

    Yes, i have seen the facebook new email in timeline but please let me know can we check the notifications or updates using that mail?

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