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Three Ways to Make Money from Your Website

One of the things I love about websites is that they can help you make money. Even blogs that did not start out as businesses can use their sites to make money. But if you have a business, it is even more important to use it as more than a pretty advertisement and actually put it to work. Here I offer you three ways to make money from your website and would like to hear from you about additional methods you employ to make money from your site.

Sell your Services

If you have a blog or a website then I am presuming you have some expertise in your topic.

[Tweet “What service can you offer that your readers need or would be willing to pay for?”]

Sure there are many people that want to learn how to fish but there are some that want you to catch the fish and serve it to them.

It is astonishing to me how many people who provide client services do not present them well or at all on their websites. Sometimes they may go into a lot of wordy detail about the services they provide but it does not make it easy for people to read or understand what they do, why they are different, or how to work with them.

You may want to provide your clients with various levels of service at different price points like I do in my three website packages, The Young Pup, The Working Dog and The Best in Breed.

Or, if you have a full scale service, you may want to add some smaller offerings that allow someone to engage you with a more limited commitment as a way to try out the relationship to see if it is a fit before investing in your more expensive offerings.

Sell a Product

There are definitely people who want you to teach them how to do whatever it is you are an expert in. Rather than making them hunt all over your website for the why’s and where’s of your methods, try bundling up information from your posts into a longer more detailed tutorial on how do do something and sell them on your site.

You can use E-JUNKIE or the Woo-Commerce plugin to sell your own downloadable products on your website.

Sell Another Company’s Product

I recommended Bluehost to people for quite sometime before I realized that I could get an affiliate commission of $65.00 per referral  Each year this comes to a couple of thousand dollars for what I would do anyway. Are there products that you use and recommend to your clients that have affiliate programs?

Some people are a lot more diligent about this than I am and write reviews of their affiliate products or posts that mention and link to them. This will draw more traffic to the affiliates’ site which could end up getting registered as a referral from you.

Be aware that there is a federal law that requires you to have a disclosure on your site that says that you do receive remuneration for some of the products you recommend. I also include a statement on mine that says that I only recommend products that I personally use or would recommend whether I got paid or not.

So there you go, get busy and make yourself some extra income.

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