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sched + eventbrite for Dirty South Yoga FestI am helping a friend with her site for the Dirty South Yoga Fest, and we needed a solution that allowed people to buy a ticket to the event, and then let them sign up for their class choice for each of three time slots. For each time slot the ticket holders had a choice nine classes or less as certain classes filled up

We looked at several options but most were not seamless enough from the purchase the ticket to the select your classes steps.

We found solutions where we could sell the festival ticket but we would then have to email the ticket holder or have them log into another program to go sign up for their classes. People get so busy that I was afraid they would fall through the cracks and not select their classes until they were sold out. We were looking for an integrated solution to buying a ticket and then immediately select their classes.

We found that the Sched app does this. It is perfect for events such as festivals or conferences where attendees get a ticket and then sign up for the specific schedule.. Sched integrates with Eventbrite for the participants to purchase a ticket and then takes them right to the class choices that were created in Sched

Some additional features of Sched that you might find useful.

  • A mobile web app where hosts and attendees can view everyone’s activity.
  • Have your attendees log in with social media so your event goes viral, and people get to know each other before the event takes place.
  • Speakers and attendees can add their own bios and logos so you don’t have to clutter your email with that information.

If you want to embed Sched into your website totally integrated then you need to go with the pro version. You can check out those features on the sched website. Otherwise, The $99.00 version covers the basics of what we need, and includes a branded schedule pages and web app.  Namaste!

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  • Carel

    Hi Judi, I assume these easily integrates with WordPress. I’m looking for a solution that would also allow the payment for exhibit spaces and sponsorships for a conference.

    Thanks, Carel.

  • Judi Knight

    Carel, I would do that using Gravity forms integrated with Paypal. Hook it all up so that it also adds each person who signs up to a separate MailChimp email list.

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