5 Tips to Not Waste Your Money on Professional Headshots.
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Spring is a great time for a new headshot for your website and social media profiles. Your profile photo should be focused on your head and shoulders, because we want your face to be visible. If your body is in the picture, then we can’t get a good look at you.

If you want to build “Know, Like and Trust,” people need to be able to see your face. And no, don’t go trying to sneak someone else into the pic. Not you and your child, or you and your wife. And no, you can’t just wimp out and use your logo. It is hard to build a relationship with you, if you don’t show up. We want to see you!

I have clients that are concerned that they are not going to be accepted if they put their real photo on their website. They think factors such as their age, race, size, and attractiveness are going to affect their business. Yes, discrimination is a real thing, but when we are doing this kind of relationship marketing it is essential to be who you are, and guess what? In real life, people see exactly who you are.

People want and expect authenticity. If they have a real prejudice, better to go ahead and deal with it. You will attract your right people that you want to do business with.

Five Tips To Not Waste Your Money When You Have Your Headshots Done

1. Hire a Professional – It does make a difference. I wish I had not waited so long to do that. Having a polished headshot says that you care about yourself and are a professional. But don’t go to an old school photo studio where you get passport pictures done. The great thing about a professional photographer is that they can help capture your personality and uniqueness.

2. Don’t Over Edit – We are looking for the real you, the best you. Take the photos when rested and relaxed. If you over edit, and the photo ends up not really looking like you, it comes across as trying too hard and not being comfortable with yourself.

3. Make a Good Impression -This photo will be someone’s first impression of you. Decide how you want to dress and what kind of make up to wear, based on what you would be wearing if you were to meet them to do business in person. Would you be wearing lots of makeup and false eyelashes? Would you be wearing a dark suit and tie or an off the shoulder satin blouse? Probably not.

4. Clothing Specifics – Wear clothes that fit properly. Solid Colors are best, but that is a guideline not a rule. Darker colors are better than whites, beiges or soft yellows. Stay away from prints that make you look like a couch cushion. Your clothing should compliment you rather than take over, and you must feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

4. Smile, Make Eye Contact – Communicate your desire to do business with your viewer with your eyes and smile. You want to be “attractive”. This means that people feel an affinity towards you. You can help by communicating your affinity towards them with your eyes and smile.

5. Background – Have the photos taken in an environment that you are comfortable in and that projects the right feeling for the work that you do. Some of the photos should be taken with a rather neutral background like a wall behind you, so that the background can be edited out if the image needs to go on a website header or something of that sort.

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