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Each Spring, I like to give you some blogging tips to help get get you and your blog out of hibernation. If you have a business, it is essential to add fresh content to your site that is helpful to people in your niche market (blog). Adding this content helps to build “Know, Like, and Trust” and also helps with search engine ranking.

Here are some tips on creating content and some more about how to structure your posts to help get them read.


1. Think about your over-riding belief about what you are doing and why. That belief will tie seemingly disparate subjects together so you can write about more than just your subject matter. In my case,  it is our motto that it’s never too late. You can see how that credo allows for a lot more blog post topics than pushing new websites.

2. Topics for blog posts can come from anywhere.  Be ready to write down your ideas and remember to come back to them. Notice the things your clients always ask you about. Pay attention when you have a strong opinion about something in your industry.  These are potential blog posts.

3. Is there something you have figured out how to do? Write a post about that.

4. Is something bothering you about your business? Write a post about that.

5. Can you remember just starting out? Or why you are doing what you do? Write about that.

6. Pose questions to your readers. Get comments going.

7. Go ahead and reference posts others have written. Put your take on the material, and then link to their post. Hopefully you will write a post or two that other people will link to.

8. To create loyal readers, put your personality into your writing. Make ’em cry, make ’em laugh, or kick up some dust with your posts.


1. Use one idea per post and give it a title that is descriptive of what is in the post. Google will like it as will your readers.

2. Make your body text at least 14px – 16px.  People don’t read small text and you want it to show up optimally on mobile devices.

3. Use dark text on light backgrounds for ease in reading.

4. Be generous with white space. Break your posts into short paragraphs.

5. Use sub-headings between paragraphs. This helps readers to scan and not be overwhelmed.

6. Have an image at the beginning of your post on the opposite side as your sidebar. This makes the first paragraph of text shorter lines and draws people in to read the post, more than a full line of text would.  Dreamstime, Veer and Shutter Stock are three places to get images at a reasonable cost. You only need the less expensive, small/low resolution graphics. Don’t get your images from Google Images since you will not have the license to use them.

7. Learn how to hyperlink a link, rather that writing out the link URL. Don’t guess on the links. Best to go to the site that you are linking to and copy it’s URL and then paste it into the link box.

8. Using ordered and unordered lists helps make your content more readable and search engines like them too since they are usually key word rich.

9. If you write long posts, use the “read more” tag so that people can skim down and see a number posts on the page.  They will more likely read your posts if you present the excerpt and then they will hit read more to finish.

What do you think? Have you got a tip to share?

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  • Claire Bradford

    Thanks Judi – these tips are really useful. I'm very glad I've found your site!

    • judi knight

      Claire, Thanks! I hope you are signed up for my newsletter. And I love to hear from people on what topics they would like me to do some posts or webinars. I am about due for a webinar series.

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