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One of the reasons I think people don’t catch on to Twitter is that they are not following the “right” people. When they signed up they may have followed a few celebrities and,  unless they are the type of person fascinated by the National Enquirer, they will look at their Twitter Stream once or twice and then never again.

The remedy to this problem is to find the “right” people to follow given your niche. You will find the Tweeps in your Twitter feed offer curated news in your field and other things of interest to you.

Whether you are just starting out with Twitter, or if you need to take your follow list up a notch, there are some tools that can help. The first step is to find people in your niche and follow them. A pretty good percentage of those people will follow you back. Tweepi is my secret, geekier way to bulk add quality Twitter followers.

So what to do?  Think of someone you know in your field and in your city that is a big social media user. Then look them up on Tweepi by entering their @twitter name and start following his or her friends or followers. Tweepi allows you to see who someone follow and who follows them. I think the list of people someone follows is more important and what to start looking at. Bring up that list and select to see the fields that are important to you.

If you already have a good number of followers, and people you follow, you can use Tweepi to follow people who are following you or to unfollow people who are not following you.

Remember, the best way to follow people and have them follow you is to get involved and tweet yourself. And if you want people to follow you back put your real picture on Twitter, and a bio, or most people will not bother following you back. When it comes to Tweeting, try the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time share other peoples tweets or posts. Believe me, they will notice (unless it is some celebrity or someone who is not really tweeting themselves). As part of this 80%, ask someone a question or reply to them (using the @theirtwitterhandle at the beginning of the post). Get a conversation going. For the other 20%, you can tweet out your own posts and news. Hopefully, if you have been doing the 80%, those people will retweet your tweets (using the RT with maybe a short message in front of the RT).

And remember the bottom line is: if you want to get more Twitter followers, you’ve got to write tweets that people want to read. Dereck Halpern just wrote a great research-based  post that showed what kind of Tweets people like and which kind they hate. Check it out.
So get busy on Twitter and let me know how it goes!

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