Treat Your Readers Like Dogs to Keep them Coming Back For More • New Tricks
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bigpostcardI came across a great post today on Copyblogger called  How to Create Better Content: Treat Your Readers Like Dogs. Given that we are a company that believes you can teach an old dog New Tricks, I found this right up our alley. In real life it is always much more effective to use your “Biscuit Voice” with your spouse or your child, if you’d like to them to do something, rather than speak to them in a stern or critical manner.  You know the biscuit voice? It is the one you use with your dog when you want him to come to you.

Clydey, do you want a biscuit ???>

According to Sonia Simone, the same theory applies to increasing the readership of your blog.  The basic concept being in my own words, that you need to give your readers a treat. You must make your content so appetizing that your readers will chew through a trash bag to get a mouthful. Well actually she doesn’t say that, but sort of. Check it out.

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