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One thing that helps get you going developing a community in Social Media is to reply in some way to everyone who engages you publicly. “Promote the people who reach out to you” — on an ongoing basis. However, some people might wonder how to get people to engage with them in the first place.

I suggest that you try engaging with others you find interesting and see who responds. You might also want to actually form a group of real life people who will commit to supporting each other online.

As you get more and more people people  you are following,  it is hard to track your special peeps. This is where a Twitter list can come in handy. Building a Twitter list of those people makes it easier to keep track of their tweets so you can focus more of your attention on them. Twitter lists are great, but are still time-consuming to create and manage. They tend to get out of date and I forget to add new people to my lists who should be on the list and then I don’t even realize that they aren’t on my list.

What’s a person to do?

I am going to share with you this new trick I learned that will help you create a list of the people that engage with you and even better, the list will continue to expand to include people who mention or retweet your tweets in the future – on the fly!  If you build this little system, your “engagers” won’t get lost and you can be sure to respond or retweet their posts and hopefully they will give you some Twitter Love in return.

This very cool tool is called, iftt, “If Then Then That”. This app lets you create and automate tasks across social media apps. Today I am going to show you how to use it to make a Twitter list that automatically grows by adding each person to the list that mentions you on Twitter. Then you can add this list as a stream in your Twitter app like HootSuite to track it.

1.Go to your Twitter account and Select your profile view. You will select Lists from the menue in the left.  then you select Create List  from the list column on the right.

2. Make a private list called, Engagers.

3. Go to ifttt, and select Create a Task in the Twitter channel.

4. Select the Trigger, “New mention of you”.

5. Now Select and Action in the Twitter channel, choose “Add user to list” and type the name of the list you created in step 1, Engagers. Don’t worry about the thing that says  # tags or addins. You won’t need those for this.

6. Add a stream column for the Twitter list in HootSuite of your favorite social media dashboard.

If Then Then That

Now, each time anyone  RTs you or sends you an @ message, they will be added to this list and all of their tweets will show up in your special Engagers stream. This will let you focus your attention on the people who have been most responsive to you.

The iftt application is very cool and has a lot of other uses. Check out some of the recipes others have used to automate certain tasks. Another one I like a lot is the ability to automatically send all of my Instagram photos to Flickr! I will work on that soon.

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  • Kellie Frissell (@kf

    By George I think I actually set it all up! Hadn't really checked out Hootsuite yet. Thanks for the tips!!!

    • Judi

      I love it when things actually work, Don't you? Hootsuite is my pilot control panel. I can barely stand to go in and update Twitter without it. Let me know what you think.

  • Carel


    I started using iftt awhile ago. This is a great idea and guess who will be using it now. 🙂

    Thank you for your great tips.

    O, and yes, meeting people in person is still the best way to engage!

    See you soon, Carel.

  • Kellie Walker


    I tried this. But, the only Twitter user added to my list is me. What did I do wrong?



    • Judi

      If you did it right, people will be added to your new list as they engage with you on twitter in the future. I will go send you a Tweet so you can test it out. 🙂

  • Harmony M., Excellent Presence

    Hi Judi.

    Any ideas, now that the Twitter API for third-party devs has bit the bullet? 🙁

    I'm sad.
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    • judi knight

      I hate that my Twitter recipes with IFTTT are no longer working.

      • Harmony M., Excellent Presence

        So no more suggestions? Bummer. I hate manual work.

        I got the notification today from IFTTT, then *immediately* set out on Google to find alternatives… which is how I found you. 😉

        Thank you anyway.
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