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Last week at WordCamp Atlanta, I had major Internet connectivity issues during my presentation on understanding WordPress files, WordPress Under the Hood.  I hated how I ended up bumbling through what I think is an important topic for people wanting to learn to customize WordPress themes.  I decided I should give myself a “do-over”.  So I redid my talk and made it into a video for the people to see how it should have gone down.

There are a couple of very important caveats that are in this presentation on understanding WordPress files. These three things alone are why you should make some time and watch the video.

1. You can’t just move a WordPress site by copying the files from one place to another without dealing with the database that has to go with it.

2. When you redo someone’s static html site into WordPress, you must redirect the traffic from the pages of the original site to the new WordPress site or you will lose all of their links and Google ranking unless you use 301 redirects.

3. Make your CSS changes in a child theme or a file that trumps the style sheet so that you can make updates to your theme and plugins without losing your customizations.

If you aren’t familiar with these three important concepts, find yourself about 45 minutes and watch this video:

You can follow along at the WordPress Under the Hood site if you would like to to read the words more clearly.

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