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I am stepping off the porch and inviting some big dogs to guest post on my site for ten days!  I am inviting you to join me for this free, 10-day blog series, Unleash Your Potential and Run with the Big Dogs, starting June 20, 2011.

Don’t feel like you are a Big Dog yet?  I hope this could be a chance to claim your turf by hearing from some of my favorite big dogs, absolutely free.

I asked eight special Big Dog bloggers,  to write a post for the New Tricks site, on the topic, “Unleash Your Blog’s Potential and Run with the Big Dogs.” The topic has expanded by leaps and bounds since first conceptualizing it and we are going to talk about how to get those leashes off in general and not just on your blog or businesses. It is all connected though, isn’t it?

How Will It Work?

  • You sign up, absolutely free, to receive e-mails from me, a few before and each day of the series. I will send you a special message introducing you to that day’s Big Dog with a link back to my site.
  • The series will start June 20th and run through June 29th. I will write the first post introducing the series on the 20th, have eight guest authors and I will write the last post wrapping up the series.

I Want You to Play Along!

  • I really encourage you to read the posts, each and everyday and be sure to leave a question or comment (this is good training).
  • I will make a Twitter list with all of the Big Dogs and the participants so you can follow each other and have some Twitter support.
  • Each day, the Big Dog of the day, as well as myself, will be sure to respond to each of your comments.

Use these ten days to consider what you can do next that will catapult your life and your online presence to the next level.

I think it is going to be really fun and I am sure looking forward to upping my game in the process.


You will get lots of insight and encouragement from people who have been where you are and are now rocking and rolling with their businesses. All you need to do is to fill out the form below and agree to play full out. You will be in and I guarantee you will be ready to get your business off the porch and be running with the Big Dogs in no time.

So if you are serious about growing your business, this series is not only going to give you some great insights, but the actions you will take will give you great practice.  Are you commenting on other blog posts? I thought not.

Twittering? Hmmm not so much? These ten days are your chance to give it a try. You can chase your tail forever on the short leash of your own making, or you can take that leash off and run. I know you’ve got great reasons for why this isn’t convenient. It is summer after all. But damn! Big Dogs do not let summer stop them.

Are you ready? Because if you mean it, if you really want to take your business to the next level, be done done DONE with the excuses. If you are ready to do whatever it takes to unleash yourself and make great stuff happen, this series is for you. You have such a gift and talent and big ideas but you have to say off with the chain that is keeping you playing small. You need to leap off that porch with your bad self and go for what you want. I know it’s hard to do it with no support.

We all need our pack. Ah – but how do you find your pack? This person says this and then there is this seminar or that guru. How do I find my way? How did other people do it? We are going to find out. But I know what they didn’t do. They didn’t sit there in the chains of, “I am too busy or I am afraid.” We all have those fears and worse. But Big Dogs put one foot in front of the other and get the job done anyway. When I have been stuck, and believe me I have been there, I do two things. I read a book (that’s just me and it makes me feel better, like I am doing something) but then I have to get up close and personal. I look to others who are doing things I want to do and ask them to help me. Believe me, it is not easy for me to do and it is one of my growing edges.

This time I really broke out of the chains of my comfort zone and asked some of the brightest, smartest and busiest people I know, who are rocking their online businesses, to help me with this series. Chris Guillebeau was down to the wire on his second book deadline and was just weeks away from  hosting a conference for 500 bloggers and adventurers in Portland. I sucked it up and asked him if he would be one of my Big Dogs and waited for his response. He wrote me back and said he was slammed with his book and World Domination Summit and he had just turned down 5 other requests for interviews and such that week, but he said he wanted to do this for me. Yes. Wow. Why did I get this response from Chris? Because I had reached out to him before I even knew him IRL and offered to host his Atlanta book signing for the Unconventional Book Tour. I did host it and Atlanta blew it out of the park for Chris. This is one example of how I have learned to turn online relationships into In Real Life friendships that have helped me grow my business.

Who Is This For?

This series is for those of us who want to quit stopping ourselves from what we know we could be. It is for those of us who are ready to get off the damn porch and we are ready to do it Now. We will set aside 10 days beginning  June 20, 2011 to get ourselves to take the very next steps to running with the Big Dogs. We are going to stop with the excuses and take our ideas and actions into the world. AND to make all that happen, my guest authors

will be sharing, not only their wisdom, but also daily takeaway tips that you will be able to put into practice, immediately. If you want to join my Dogs and me, and this sounds like a good way to get it going, I hope you’ll join us by signing up below. Remember there is no charge and I will be sending you e-mails reminding you of who is posting that day and, to make it even more fun, maybe even including a couple of surprises along the way . . . so go ahead and lets get going.

Sign up is closed.

After You Sign up Please  Tweet it Out to the World.

And now take a look at who my friends who are so generously sharing their talent as part of this series? So glad you asked!





Sarah Robinson Sarah Robinson www.escaping-mediocrity.com @SarahRobinson
Amy Oscar Amy Oscar www.amyoscar.com@amyoscar
Mitch Canter Mitch Canter www.studionashvegas.com@Studionashvegas
Brandon Sutton www.brandonsutton.com @Brandon101
Chris Guillebeau Chris Guillebeau www.chrisguillebeau.com@chrisguillebeau
Chelsea Moser Chelsea Moser www.SolamarMarketing.com@ChelseaMoser
Bruce Sallan www.boomertechtalk.com@BruceSallan
Toby Bloomberg www.divamarketing.com@tobydiva
Judi Knight JudiKnight www.newtricks.com@judiknight



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  • cookinghealthyforme

    Mine is just a hobby blog….but I'm game!

  • judi knight

    Thanks for jumping in! Even if your blog is a hobby you want people to read it so this is really perfect. I started out with a personal blog and then it led me to a new career. You never know!

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