Update Years of Contacts in One Fell Swoop with Evercontact
 In E-Mail

EvercontactI hate when I go to my contact list to look up a phone number and the number isn’t there. At that point, I then spend ten minutes scrolling through previous emails to find one that includes a number (a pet peeve of mine is people who don’t include their contact information with their emails). Will I ever go update these contacts on my own? Not a chance.

I was very excited to find a solution that can do it for me called Evercontact. In short order, this app updated my Gmail contact list finding complete information on 950, out of my several thousand contacts.

Evercontact searched through my old emails and updated my contacts with information provided by the sender of these emails. It updated whatever information it could find; phone numbers, names, postal addresses, companies, roles, social media profiles…and more. I have Gmail but it will work with Outlook and Salesforce contact lists as well.

Now that my contact list has been updated, Evercontact will continue updating my contact information from new emails I get. It is the perfect set it and forget it application.

When you sign up, you can get a free month of service but that will only take care of the future emails you get. Since I wanted it to go back in time, I sprang for a paid account and bought their Flashback extension in order for Evercontact to go back in time through several years of emails and contacts and clean them up. Mission accomplished and I am quite pleased.

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