Go From Knowing What to Do to Doing What You Know
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man jumping through hoop with briefcaseThe other day, I helped one of my clients get her newsletter sent out and by the time she returned home, someone called and engaged her services and five people signed up for one of her workshops. Now,the thing is, she knows how to send the newsletter herself, but her life is so busy, she just kept letting her newsletter get pushed to the back burner.

I sure know how that is. I have learned to employ a few cognitive tricks to help me out.  For example, If I didn’t schedule an appointment with my bookkeeper for every Wednesday morning, I know what would happen. I would mean to get to it tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then the next thing I would know, it would be two weeks later with bills overdue.

Crazy how that happens. I can chase shiny objects all day doing the things I like or that are “urgent” and not get to the things that are basic to my business. I employ other little tricks  to keep myself on track.

  • I get my newsletter written on Sunday. If I don’t, I will be doing it at 7:00 AM on Wednesday, two hours before it goes out. That is too stressful for me.
  • I keep Monday free from appointments and client work so that I have time to work on my own business, rather than in my business.
  • I made a public commitment to my healthy eating plan (24 pounds down so far) so that I would be accountable to everyone.
  • I make exercise appointments with friends so I don’t blow it off, as I am prone to do.

What things do you really need to do that are sliding off your to do list? What psychological tricks can you use to help get them done?

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